my beautiful house

i love my house. everyone who ever visited my house always said “your house is beautiful” ahahahaha, i feel so flattered, but anyway my father is the one who designed this house, and i have to admit that his design is really awesome,

i’ve been living in this house for like 6 years, and i love to take a picture of some part of my house, and one day i submitted the pictures to and a lot of people reblogged those pictures and some of them like them too, and i’m so flattered, really, hahahaha, though i’m not the one who designed it,

okay, so i’m just gonna show you some pictures of my “beautiful-house”. that’s what people said.

this is the living room.

this is the frontyard

so that is the picture of my house, once again i’d say this proudly, my father was the one who designed it.


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