trip to the zoo

Couple weeks ago, my friends and i went to the zoo in Bandung. We’ve been living in Bandung for almost 5 years but we never went to Bandung’s zoo. So we decided, before we leave Bandung for good, we must visit the zoo.

And so we went there, i was so excited because it’s been a while since the last time i went to the zoo. When we got there, we had to pay Rp.11000 for the entry ticket. It was quite cheap actually. So i saw lions, tigers, honey-bears, snakes, horses, tapir (that was my first time i ever saw tapir, and i just knew that tapir’s look is quite strange, tapir isn’t my favourite animal though), siamang, and many more. Yeaaah, i can’t mention all those animals here.

Anyway, the funniest moment was when we rode an elephant. at first i didn’t feel nervous at all but when i felt the elephant’s skin, i suddenly felt disgusted. i became so nervous because i was affraid that i was gonna fall down. My friends kept laughing at me while i was busy screaming to the guide and telling him that i was about to fall down. People were staring at us and laughing at us because we made a lot of noises by laughing non-stop. We laughed at our stupidity. We were so silly.

(Udah ah cape ya ngomong pake bahasa inggris. Pake bahasa indonesia dulu ya.)

Truuus, kita naek perahu gitu, tiketnya cuma 2000 seorang. Murah banget ga sih. Trus perahunya mengitari danau keciiiiil banget gitu. Tapi ditengahnya ada taman kecil yang ada monyetnya gitu. Trus kan waktu itu lagi mendung, berangin pula, jadi daun-daun di pohon deket danau nya berguguran gitu. Bagus banget deh. Abis naek perahu, kita naek bebek-bebek air gitu kan. Harga tiketnya seorang 3000 rupiah saja. murah banget lagi kaaaaan. Trus ngider-ngiderin danau itu lagi sih. Tapi emang menurut gw the best part nya emang danau kecil itu sih. Bagus soalnya pas ada daun-daun berguguran gitu.

the weather was so sunny before the rain fell down, so i opened my umbrella, and i looked like janda-kembang with my purple cardigan and my purple umbrella

But then the rain fell down so we had to finish our trip in the zoo.

Here’s some picture we took from the zoo.

Foto yang laen nyusul yaaa, belom diunggah sama Wari.

It was a really really fun trip.

Too bad there is no penguin there.

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