letting go

image from http://foreverisjustaword.tumblr.com

why do we want to fall in love?

when we know it will hurt in the end?

kenapa hayooo? ada yang tau ngga? gw juga ngga tau sebenernya. coba bentar ya gw pikir-pikir dulu..


eeerrr, i think it’s simply because i wanna feel the sensation of falling in love.

the-butterflies-fluttering-on-my-stomach effect

the happiness i feel when i wake up in the morning

i mean, of course i feel so afraid of rejection, but when you fall in love, it just happens.

you can fight your feeling, you can try so hard to deny it, you can lie to that person you like, but your eyes can’t lie.

eye is the window of our heart. as much as i hate to admit this, when i see that person i feel so freaking happy that my eyes are  sparkling.

i’m dying just to hide the happiness i feel when i meet him.

people can be fooled, but you can’t fool your heart.

o my google, i know i’m sounding like a hopelessly-romantic-poet right now.

but seriously, i did want to fall in love so that i could feel the happiness, i know that love would hurt me eventually, but i decided to enjoy every happy moment and keep on repeating this magic spell  from Music and Lyric movie

“if it’s meant to be..it will be”

i don’t give a damn if he would love me back or not (well actually he’s not), all i care is just to enjoy every single second i have with that person.

well actually i don’t feel really hurt this time.

maybe it’s because i fell in love with the most unexpected person in the most expected time. i know it won’t end just like in a fairytale. and maybe it’s supposed to end like that, and so i accept it.

lesson learned are to love someone sincerely and to have enough wisdom to let something go simply just because i (finally) understand that some things aren’t made to be together.


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