random thought


hmmm, anw today is still friday so it’s not weekend yet. but the spirit of weekend already haunted me since wednesday. i can’t wait for tomorrow. because tomorrow i’m gonna watch Resident Evil:After Life in 3D with my friends. huaaaa it’s been a very long time since the last time we met. i’m so excited in welcoming this weekend, i even counting the day. actually my excitement of welcoming weekend not only for this weekend. but EVERY WEEKEND.

this hyper-excitement of mine makes me think. do i love weekend more than my job?well, definetely YES. i love weekend thousand ways more than i love my job. and i’m thinking about getting another job that i love, a job that makes me happy, a job which is also my passion, a job that i enjoy to do, and of course a job that would make me love it more than i love weekend.

if you love your job, if you enjoy what you do, maybe you don’t have to be over-excited when it comes to weekend. maybe you won’t feel bored. maybe you won’t feel tired. maybe you won’t feel forced everytime you wanna go to work.

and it got me thinking, what is my passion?what kind of activities that i enjoy? lemme think

writing?yes i do love writing, but are there any job in writing area?of course there are!!stupid me!!but i mean writing for me is just the way to express my feeling, the way to express a thousand things that running in my mind. i consider writing as a hobby. i can’t write something if i were in a full-pressure situation. i don’t think i wanna make writing as a career.

then, what about my passion?well, i have passions for fashion and language (especially english)

i can draw a clothing sketch. with that skill i thought i could be a clothing designer. but then i knew to be a clothing designer is not that easy. it’s not as easy as drawing a sketch. it’s required your skill in making a pattern, sewing, knowing all about material stuff etc. and i know nothing about those stuffs. 😦 and so i thought maybe i’m not capable of being a clothing designer. but i do plan to have my own clothing line and my own fashion boutique someday. amen to that. 😉

and about my passion for foreign language, i don’t know where this passion comes from, but one thing i know is that when it comes to foreign language especially English, it makes me happy. like seriously. once, i was given the task to make a response letter for “surat somasi” and i have to make it in English, and i feel so happy, i feel so excited to do that task. i wasn’t ecxited in making a letter but i was so excited in translating words from Bahasa to English. and yes i feel that. the excitement. the happiness. the enjoyment.

sometimes i feel so depressed because i don’t know what to do, i don’t know what i want. when i was still in college, i imagined that i would have a job as a personal assistant with a foreigner as my boss. so that i could communicate in English. but then i graduated, and i got this job. well, i was so grateful for being given this job. i try not to complain everyday. i try to be grateful for what i got. everytime i feel down, i play d’masiv’s song Jangan Menyerah in my mind to give me strength to stay. because i’m not the kind of person who will give up easily. maybe when it comes to love, yes i give up easily. but in other area, i’m not.

i miss my old social life. i miss my friends.

well okay, maybe i’m just gonna take this experience as a lesson. i should think more about what i really want in life. i have to collect some money first and experience to go to another step. for the next step, i’m thinking about join The Department of Foreign Affairs as a diplomat. there, you will be located in random country all over the world. tempting, isn’t it?

another back-up plan, i’m targeting to be employed in “kantor asing”. please help me by mentioning my name in your pray 🙂 well i need some miracle though.

wow i didn’t expect i would write THIS long 🙂 eeerrgh, this post is sooo random, and i feel like blabbering. hehehe. but i hope that you enjoy my writing 🙂


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