tweet tweet


Emang bikin nyandu.

Emang mengasyikan.

Emang mempermudah kegiatan memata-matai kehidupan orang lain.

Emang bisa jadi bahan buat ngomongin orang lain.

Emang bisa bikin ketawa di kala bete di antrian.

Emang bisa mendekatkan diri dengan artis-artis yang sulit dijangkau.

Emang paling asik buat cari tau perkembangan gebetan.

Emang bisa jadi sarana buat keep in touch with the old friends.

Emang bisa bikin kesel dengan ngebaca timeline yang isinya penuh keluhan si Mr/Ms.X semua *lo kata gw customer service??ngeluh mulu di timeline gw!! Click unfollow*

Emang bisa jadi ajang buat pamer.

Emang bisa jadi tempat buat mengutarakan pendapat.

Emang bisa mempengaruhi orang dengan tweet kita.

Emang bisa bikin kita update informasi dalam hitungan detik.

Emang bisa bikin sesat.

But anyway, watch your tweet for it becomes an evidence. (seperti misalnya gw yang menyangkal setengah mati kalo gw udah bikin janji sama temen gw, eh ternyata beneran gw pernah bikin janji sama dia lewat twitter -___________-“” and my tweet literally becomes an evidence which i can’t deny)

Watch your tweet for it becomes a trouble.

People easily judge you from your tweet.

And not all the people want to know your life in detail.

And please don’t beg for a follower. In real life, it’s like you beg someone to be your friend. I hate those people who who beg for some followers. How pathetic. It would be so much better if you earn you own followers, not by begging them to do so.

Well i’m actually having a tweet-therapy now because i think i’m already addicted to twitter. I used to check my timeline for like every 10 minutes. And it really need to be stopped. so, here i am. It’s been two days since my last tweet. \(‘.’)/ _(._.)_ \(‘.’)/ _(._.)_ rekooooor hhahahahhaha.

Oh and by the way, twitter is not an online diary. It’s a social-network, and i think it would be nice if you don’t tweet every single thing that happen in your life.

happy tweeting everyone. 😉

here’s a good quote about tweeting —-> “God doesn’t need twitter to be followed” -i forgot who said this-




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