Started this morning by arguing with my parents. Really not a good way to start a day. Don’t you hate it when your parents having a fight and to make it worst, you are trapped in the middle of their freaking fight?you are literally in the middle position, and your parents arguing in front of you?i hate that. I don’t wanna know their problem. I don’t wanna see they upset of each other, do I really have to know??eeeergh.

Well, as a child I see parents as a one person. Though technically parents contain of two persons. But that’s how I see it. Parents as one person. So it is so hard for me if I see my parents arguing, blaming each other, complaining of each other. I don’t know whose side I’m supposed to be. %$&%*$#&*><!

I promise I won’t fight in front of my children, I won’t complain about my spouse to my children nor will I say something bad about my spouse to my children. I’m afraid of being a parent one day. What if I lose my temper and starting to yell at my children?what if I lose my me-time because I have to take care of my children?what if I can’t be a perfect parent for them?what if I unconsciously become an over-protective parent?then what if my children hate me? *knock-on-wood*

Parenting really is a difficult thing to do.

    If you’ve never been hated by your child, you’ve never been a parent
    -bette davis-

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