Quarter Life Crisis

Lately, I feel sooo depressed, no it is not about my minor thesis or even lovelife. I don’t even know why I feel that depressed. And this morning I did the blog-walking and found an article from this blog . As I read I realized that my problem is similar to this girl’s problem. More or less. But I noticed that maybe I am suffered from Quarter Life Crisis too. And then I ask Mr.Google what Quarter Life Crisis is . and there they are. Many numbers of website that stated Quarter Life Crisis. So I chose Ms.Wikipedia to answer my question and she got the complete answer as always.

The quarterlife crisis is a term applied to the period of life immediately following the major changes of adolescence, usually ranging from the early twenties to the early thirties. The term is named by analogy with mid-life crisis.

Characteristics of quarter-life crisis may include:[citation needed]
• realizing that the pursuits of one’s peers are useless
• confronting their own mortality
• watching time slowly take its toll on their parents, only to realize they are next
• insecurity regarding the fact that their actions are meaningless —> (true)
• insecurity concerning ability to love themselves, let alone another person —> (nodding head)
• insecurity regarding present accomplishments —> (all about insecurities are true)
• re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships —> (hmmm, right)
• lack of friendships or romantic relationships, sexual frustration, and involuntary celibacy —> (o my Google, LACK OF FRIENDSHIPPPP!!)
• disappointment with one’s job —> (huaaaa *jedot-jedotin kepala*)
• nostalgia for university, college, high school or elementary school life —> (did you read my mind?)
• tendency to hold stronger opinions —> (unconsciously become a super stubborn person now)
• boredom with social interactions —> (hell yeah)
• loss of closeness to high school and college friends
• financially-rooted stress (overwhelming college loans, unanticipatedly high cost of living, etc.) - —> (check)
• loneliness, depression and suicidal tendencies
• desire to have children —> (amat sangat, pengen punya anak tapi bapaknya belom nemu, gimana tuh?)
• a sense that everyone is, somehow, doing better than oneself —> (betul lagi)
• frustration with social skills —> (angguk-angguk elus jenggot)

These unsettling emotions and insecurities are not uncommon at this age, nor at any age in adult life. In the context of the quarter-life crisis, however, they occur shortly after a young person – usually an educated professional, in this context – enters the “real world”.[1]

After entering adult life and coming to terms with its responsibilities, some individuals find themselves experiencing career stagnation or extreme insecurity. The individual often realizes the real world is tougher, more competitive and less forgiving than she/he imagined.

Furthermore, a factor contributing to quarter-life crisis may be the difficulty in adapting to a workplace environment. In college, professors’ expectations are clearly given and students receive frequent feedback on their performance in their courses. One progresses from year to year in the education system. In contrast, within a workplace environment, one may be, for some time, completely unaware of a boss’s displeasure with one’s performance, or of one’s colleagues’ dislike of one’s personality. One does not automatically make progress. Office politics require interpersonal skills that are largely unnecessary for success in an educational setting.

source from wikipedia

Dari 18 ciri, gw mencentang lebih dari setengahnya. Baiklah. Berarti gw beneran kena Quarter Life Crisis. Tadinya gw sempet kepikiran mau ke psikolog deh. Eh tapi kayanya kalo ada duit sisa, gw beneran pengen ke Psikolog aja dah, daripada gila lama-lama. Psikolog yang murah+bagus+daerah Jakarta Timur dimana sih?jangan yang abal-abal, ntar bukannya masalah gw selesai, malah nambah masalah lagi.

Oiya kemaren gw motong rambut sendiri. Tadinya kan rambut gw panjang, trus malem-malem gw potong aja jadi pendek se-dagu. Tanda-tanda gw stress ya motong rambut sendiri. Tanpa keraguan. Emak gw Cuma geleng-geleng kepala. I also lose my appetite and often crying without any reason seperti misalnya nangis pas Brandon keluar dari IMB, nangis pas denger lagu up-beat, nangis lagi nunggu bis, nangis pas lagi mandi dll dll. -_____-“

Tapi bagus deh, seengganya gw tau ini Cuma krisis yang nantinya akan terlewati. Gw pikir gw beneran gila. Untung nggaaa. gw ngga mau lah jadi orang gila yang suka lari-lari di komplek sambil telanjang. Mending gw jadi model. *hiaaaaa

Semoga gw cepet sembuh ya. *doain diri sendiri*


2 thoughts on “Quarter Life Crisis

  1. hi there!

    umm.. setelah gw pikir2, yang namanya hidup nggak akan pernah lepas dari what-so-called crisis. setelah puber ada quarter life crisis, setelah itu ada mid life crisis. mungkin di sela2nya juga ada “krisis waktu baru mulai kerja”, “krisis setelah menikah”, “krisis setelah punya anak” whatsoever 😀

    jadi, yah.. jalani aja kali ya? nggak usah (terlalu) dipikirin 😉

  2. hahahhahaha iya kayanya sih ini krisis baru mulai kerja. salah satu solusi mungkin cari pacar. biar kalo lagi kesel bisa dijadiin tempat ngomel-ngomel *loh??*
    anw, trims ya. baca post lo ttg quarter life crisis ngasih pencerahan buat gw. hehehehhe 😀

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