in desperately need of holiday

i desperately need holiday. seriously.

if someone ask me “what is your ideal holiday??”

my answer would be…

going to some places WITH MY FRIENDS.

pergi liburan ke pantai yang sepi, bagus, pasirnya putih (yang pasti bukan ancol atau anyer atau pangandaran deh). nginep di resor bintang lima. seharian tidur di kasur, nonton tv, internetan, berenang.

besoknya pergi ke tempat wisata.

main ke amusement park.

screaming and laughing as if there’s no tomorrow.

having fun and have no worries in our head.

forgeting the reality world.

i just wanna have fun and share the laughter.

how i really miss laughing so hard until i cry.

how i really miss the feeling of having no worries in my head.

how i really miss singing and dancing like some insane people in the karaoke room.

how i really miss having a late-night chat. talking about some random shit in life.

i miss my friends so much.

picture from here


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