Pernah baca bukunya Mitch Albom yang Five People You Meet in Heaven ngga? Itu bagus banget loh menurut gw. Tentang bapak-bapak yang meniggal dan pas ke surga dia ketemu orang-orang yang ngga dia kenal. Bapak ini ngga tau orang-orang itu, tapi mereka tau Bapak ini, karena Bapak ini sudah mengubah hidup mereka either in a good way or bad way.

It tells me that somehow even a stranger can touch your life or vice versa. They might even change your life or you change their life.

There are so many people that inspire me. Some people i know, some strangers, even some people that i’ve never met.

These are some people, actually there are soooo many people who inspire me, but i’m just gonna pick 4 people.


So, there is this guy. He is a newbie in my office and work as an office boy. He inspires me with his cheerful traits. He always smiles, seriously. It seems like he doesn’t have any problem in his life. I always think that he’s a really nice person and likeable, but one day there was a situation when he was slandered by someone. I was shocked because how come a really nice person like him has a hater? *eeerrr, then i remembered, even oprah has a group of haters*

And then one thing that really inspired me was the way he dealt with that sucks situation. He didn’t get angry or even blamed other people. He just said ”orang aku ngga ngapa-ngapain, ya santai ajalah” and he still works as usual. Smile as wide as he can.

He and his behaviour inspire me to be grateful for everything i have and to not complaining over a small stuff just like i usually do. I used to complain about my job. But then i see him who always smiling though his job is difficult. His salary is lower than me. he works 6 days per week while i just work 5 days per week. I feel so ashamed. I am luckier than him, but i rarely smile and often complaining about everything. But look at him. He always smile and embrace every difficulties in his life without complaining. Shame on me. 😦

And then these people i’ve never met, but they inspire me by their thoughts. First Diana Rikasari At first, i didn’t really like her, i was like ”what is this girl thinking?she dresses like a clown, all color in one style?eeewwwh” but then i continuosly checking her blog. Day by day. i still don’t like her style but i adore her confidence so much. She always comes up with this words ”be original. Be 100% original” and yes, i gotta admit that she is so original. She is originally herself. I wonder where that confidence comes from. because i want some too. 😦

She knows what she wants, she knows what she has to do, and i really respect her decision to resign from her job and started to chase her dreams and passion. She’s brave enough to chase her dream.

And then this guy Tara . I knew this guy from my friend. She told me that there was some weirdo who made a fashion blog, but his style looked ridiculous. I used to make fun of him with my friends. I checked his blog everyday just to see what he wore and laughed at him. And yes, he had sooooo many haters. I mean it wasn’t only me who love to make fun of him, some people commented on his blog and gave a really bad opinion about his style and even mocked at him.

As day goes by, his style got soooo much better. He becomes a little bit fashionable and not as horrible as before. And then i think, it is his confidence that bring him into a better fashion blogger now. He accepts the criticism or even complementation. He ignored his tons of haters and kept doing his passion. And that’s what inspired me.

Both of them inspired me to have much confidence in my self and to not be afraid to be and to show who i really am. Because they show who they really are and not worried about it.

And last but not least, my not-really-close friend errrr just call him Budi. This guy came into my life in a really short time. He is the kind of people who come into someone’s life and give them a lesson. And yes, he gave me a lesson. A lesson to give my best in every single second i have with someone so there would be no regret when he/she leaves. How did he teach me that kind of lesson?errr maybe he didn’t teach me that, but his temporary presence in my days at that time made me realize to not taking some people’s presence for granted. Because people leaves. And usually they leave nothing but regret to us. We regret our bad behaviour. We regret our bad words. We regret something that we haven’t done when he/she still beside us. But if you give your best to everyone in your life, when they leave you’ll feel grateful for every moment you have with that person. No regrets.

Regret is sucks. So live your live to the fullest, do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say, feel grateful, and have no regrets. This life is too short to regret something.

Those are some of many many people who inspire me, touch my heart and change my life. I bet they don’t know that they already an inspiration for me. Well, you actually don’t have to brag about the best things you have if you wanna inspire someone. Sometimes you inspire someone or a stranger unconsciously. And sometimes a total stranger can inspire you. A tough-police, street-sweeper, your domestic helper, teacher, parents, friend, enemy or anyone. And sometimes you don’t even know if you already change other people’s life until you meet them in heaven. 🙂

Be the inspiration by doing something positive.

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  1. adis says:

    suka juga buku itu. most memorable quotes: “all endings are also beginnings. we just don’t know it at the time”

    anyway, seems like you spend so much time blogwalking heheheh.. duluuu banget gue juga suka buka buka blognya si tara itu, dan suka nyaci maki dia, sekarang bisa jadi keren gitu yak.. 😀

    1. hahahahaha, i spend so much time in blog-walking and cyber-stalking. 🙂

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