How far would you go for your dream?

Everyone have their own dream. Mulai dari yang pengen beli ini pengen beli itu. Pengen begini pengen begitu. Tapi seberapa keras sih usaha kita untuk mencapai keinginan kita itu?kalo gw, gw usaha keras banget. Tapi buat hal-hal yang ngga penting. Gw pernah sakit tipes cuma karena nabung ketat demi beli tas idaman. Untuk menekan pengeluaran, gw rela makan mie tiap hari. Akhirnya, tas impian berhasil di genggaman. Tapi 4 hari kemudian, gw kena tipes dan harus bed rest 2 minggu karena keseringan makan mie.

Abis kena tipes, berat badan gw turun drastis. And i looked like a walking-bone. Then, I ate a lot. Like a lot. Sekali makan nambah 3 kali. Dan sehari bisa makan sampe 5 kali. Tapi akhirnya, gw nyesel. Pikiran gw selama ini kalo gw makan banyak ngga mungkin gemuk, SALAH BESAR. I gained SOME weight. And by some means 9 kilos in 3 months. My friend said i look big. And so did my parent. Even the first word that came out from my dermatologist when he first saw me after months was ‘you gained some weight’. He didn’t even notice the acnes on my face. It such a wake-up call for me. then i decided to get my thin body again. I did diet. I reduce my size meal drastically. I ate only 4 size of spoon. Didn’t eat snack also. I was trying sooo hard just to get my skinny body back. And i succesfully became skinny again. I got my skinny body baccckk!! Tapi ngga lama kemudian, gw kena tipes lagi aja gitu. Kali ini bukan karena makan mie. Tapi karena terlalu sedikit makan.

Kalo jakarta punya banjir tahunan, kalo gw tipes jadi penyakit tahunan. *knock-on-wood*

Trus pas SPMB. Jaman itu gw lagi naksir temen gw. Anaknya pinteeeeer banget. Punya pacar pula. Pacarnya juga ngga kalah pinter, malah lebih pinter dari dia. Pas mau SPMB, gw bertekad akan masuk SPMB dan ngeliat nama gw tercantum di pengumuman hasil TO 100 besar se-Jakarta Timur. Soalnya si cowo ini sama cewenya itu namanya nangkring mulu di 100 besar TO. Kan gw juga pengen. i studied soooo hard just to impress him and showed him that i got the brain. I studied in the morning, noon, night, i even found myself fell asleep in the middle of my books. unfortunately i didn’t win his heart, but i did win the ticket to Faculty of Law Padjadjaran University. Not so bad. While he went to the most prestigious University in Jakarta. At least my hard work was paid off. Hehehhehe.

Those are some of my stories in chasing my dream. impian gw kayanya aneh-aneh banget deh ya. Maksudnya ngga ada yang spektakuler gitu. Beli tas, pengen kurus, naksir gebetan. -____-“”. Ngga papa deh. Kan impian terbesar gw jadi model. *kena lempar tomat* *ditimpuk cangkul*. Namanya juga mimpi yaaa, kali aja gw lagi jalan di mall tiba-tiba ada pencari bakat nyuruh gw casting. Najoooong gw ngarep ngga realistis banget.

Anw, Chasing dream is not an easy thing to do. It takes sacrifice, hard-work, and luck. beside being a model, which is my biggest slash the most unrealistic dream, i also dream to have my own boutique, my own bakery shop, my own house, expert in driving a car, travel around the world, send my son to football academy, take a picture with Lionel Messi, watching World Cup live, and many more. Like many many many more. It would takes 3 pages just to list my dreams.

But the problem is i don’t know how to start. Let’s say i really want to do a bussiness in fashion industry. Or at least creative industry. But i don’t know where, and how,and when to start. What if i fail?what if my bussiness doesn’t go as well as i expect?i mean i can’t see myself being an employee for the rest of my life. I wanna do something. I wanna create something. I wanna share my mind, my creativity, my passion as my contribution to the world. I mean i actually start to enjoy my job, but i can’t stand just to sit in front of the computer from 8 to 6, being tied with the company rule. I can’t see myself in that picture.

I wanna be enterpreneur but i don’t know how to start. And the most important thing is i don’t have any courage to start. I have noooo idea what bussiness is. And i am scared to fail. I know bussiness is all about risk and fail. But –sigh loooooong and deeeeeply- aaargggh. I need courage. For heaven’s sake!!

Oke, i think chasing this real dream is not as easy as chasing my dreamy bag, or my dreamy guy. if anyone out there have too much courages, please would you give me some????

Anw, no matter what your dreams are, no matter how silly they are, just go chase them. It is never too late to chase your dream. –errr i should say those words in front of the mirror-


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