random thoughts

this morning i get a reply-email from my friend Sefriane Sandra slash dada slash Chucky (anw i feel more comfortable calling her Chucky, so hereinafter just call her Chucky hahahha). Yesterday I sent her an e-mail which supposed to be a verrryy long story of my recent life and all the unnecessary stuffs that running through my mind which successfully makes me sad lately. But end up I just asked her two questions in my e-mail. Because I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to tell anyone about something I have in mind, but when I read her email this morning I almost burst into tears (but I try to hold back my tears because I forgot to bring my make-up case!!! sooo I don’t wanna ruin my make-up with those tears) i am touched by what she wrote, err actually she didn’t write something like Martin Luther King Jr’s speech but the fact that I got friends, I got some bunch of ‘crazy’ people who will be there for me makes me feel really good. i instantly forgot my misery. Damn you PMS!!i totally blame these hormones every time i go crazy.

another good news is my high-school friends are planning to travel to Bangkok for next year. Yeeaaaayy. FINALLY HOLIDAY!!! Think I should tighten my belt to save some money. Please please make it happen God, all I really need is a holiday, going to a new place, to some exotic place, or snowy place (errrr is there any snow in Bangkok?) HOLIDAY HOLIDAY HOLIDAY!!!

And the last good news is …. Wari is going to be an employee started January 3rd 2011. finally yeaaayyyy!!!

I feel happier, seriously. Family and friends are my strength. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without them…like seriously.



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