birthday gift wishes

Next week is my birthday. I’m not really expecting some birthday gifts actually, but if someone willing to give me one, that would be really great. 🙂

Deciding what I want as a birthday gift is kinda hard for me, because I’m confused whether to choose the things I need or the things I want.

things I need :

1. a pack of cute stationery
some things like telephone book, post-it notes, sign-here-please notes, colorful pens, cute file holder etc. my office actually provided its employees with stationery stuffs, but the color is so boring. It’s all black, deep blue, gray colors. i need to see some colors in my desk office so I can be more excited when I’m doing my work.

2. flat shoes.
My flat shoes which I always wear to go to office are already ugly. I need the new one. I bought those shoes at The Little Things She Needs. It costs Rp.200.000,- for two pair of shoes. It’s an ordinary look shoes, but I love them because it’s really comfortable to be worn.

3. Netbook and modem.
I desperately need those. I know it’s too expensive for a birthday gift, but I really really really need that. since my baby laptop was handed to my brother, so I don’t have any device to write my blog and a netbook is a perfect one for me. it’s small, cute, and I can carry it wherever I want. And expensive too.

Things I want :

1. a “Your Job Is Not Your Career” book by Rene Suhardono
I’ve been wanting that book since a month ago but I couldn’t find it in the bookstore. A book won’t cost much, rite?so I would be very pleased if someone give me that as a birthday gift. 

2. a bag
do I need to say more?it seems like I can’t get enough of bags, shoes and clothes 

3. a Pink-colored Honda JAZZ
I know this is waaaaaaaaaay expensive for a birthday gift. No one seems able to give me this. Okay, God could you please make me win some lottery so I could buy this?a pink-colored Honda Jazz would be a perfect gift to me, please?no, I’m kidding God, but if You take that pray seriously, I would be so so so freaking happy.

So, those are things that I want for my birthday gift. Though some wishes are so unrealistic, but girls can make a wish, right?


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