It’s Monday and I thank God because this morning the rain didn’t fall down. I mean, I’m not the only one who feel sooo lazy to get up and go to work when it’s raining in the morning, rite?

Anyway, since I have nothing to do this morning (my boss hasn’t given me an assignment yet and I have done all my assignment) so I decided to write this post about beauty tips and trick. I’m actually reviewing an agreement now, but I don’t know why, I don’t understand it AT ALL. It’s like every time I start to read it, I suddenly feel so sleepy. i think that agreement contains some poison made of some part of Lalat Tse-Tse. (you know Lalat Tse-Tse, don’t you? The type of Fly which makes people feels sleepy every time it bites. errr a fly does bite, doesn’t it?)I feel like I wanna eat coffee not drinking it, because I already drank a glass of coffee but it didn’t help much.

So, back to the Beauty Routine topic, one of my beauty routine which I do every week is a handmade honey-mask. I got this tips from the magazine. All you need is a cup of honey and a mask-brush. First thing first, you should clean your face from any make-up. Make sure your face is clean. Secondly, start to pour the honey with your mask-brush in all over your face (except the eyes). And then, wait for at least 30 minutes until you wash it thoroughly. Wash your face with a cleaning-face foam because if you only get rid of the honey in your face using the water, your face would be still sticky. I suggest you to do this beauty routine in the night before you go to bed and do it often at least once a week and you’ll see the result. Your skin face will be softer, brighter, and tighter.

It’s worth to try because everything comes from nature is good for our body.


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