stupid moment

o my God, in this Holy-day (read : my Birthday) i just did something really stupid in my office. i am so so so embarrased.

so, i got a phone call. i picked it up, and i heard a woman’s voice. she said Happy birthday to me, and i was wondering who that woman was because i felt familiar with her voice but i had no idea who she is. i thought that was my friend, so i responded her with my sarcastic and verry lame jokes and by sarcastic i mean like a buddy-to-buddy jokes. you know jokes when you are with your best buddy, rite??

so this is my conversation :

penelpon : “selamat ulang tahun, yang keberapa?”

gw : “yang ke-23, boong deng yang ke-21, ngga percaya kaaaan??”

penelpon : “hahahahha, yaudah semoga makin disayang mama papa ya”

gw :”amiiin ya iyalah masa disayang tetangga” ( omg, if only i could slap my 1-hour-ago mouth)

penelpon : “hahahahhaha”

gw : “kok ngucapin doang sih, doanya mana???”


actually the conversation went a little bit longer than above, but i just don’t wanna recall it again.

after i hang up the phone, 30 seconds later i realized, for Heaven’s sake, that was my BIG BOSS!!!!!!!!


i wish i could cry in Irfan Bachdim’s chest 😦

then i ran into her secretary and told her about my stupidity, she suggested me to go apologize to her, and then i went to my BIG BOSS room and as i walked into her room, she laughed so hard that i couldn’t define what’s teh meaning behind her laughter.

i apologized and luckily she was fine with that.

note to myself and everyone out there, as you pick up your phone, ALWAYS ASK WHO THAT IS, THE PERSON OVER THE PHONE.


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