23rd Birthday

January 27th 2011 was my 23rd birthday. i can’t believe i’m getting older. aaaaaaa. okay, i’m a little bit freaking out of the idea that i’m getting older.

anyway, one thing that makes me excited about birthday is to read people’s birthday wishes. so, i have chosen some people who wrote a funny-birthday-wishes for me.

Fedora Marcella Siahaan wrote : “happy birthday my dear..semoga kerjaan makin lancar,semoga mental sama fisik lo sll sehat,semoga makin banyak laki yg menyadari inner beauty lo (dengan kata lain semoga enteng jodoh gitcuh),semoga mimpi lo jadi model terkabul,semoga lo selalu cintrong sama gw dan yg lain,trus makin mesra sama keluarga lo,pokoknya Tuhan berkati lo terus dah manise..*kecupan tipis di kening *ngelap bibir..nait amigo!”

(aaaaa, she knows my deepest dream. so thoughtful. you know me so weeeelll *start singing and dancing just like SM*SH)

Hita Mahardhika wrote : “Caca Marica…selamat ulang tahun…semoga kerjanya makin bener, semoga jodoh cepat datang, semoga mie ga nyangkut lg di keyboard laptop, semoga luluran makin cepet, semoga makin dewasa di umur yang uda tua (buat ukuran loe)…hehehehe…yang penting!!!! Traktir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(i don’t get it, did he wish me a birthday wishes atau bongkar aib sih??emang mencurigakan deh tu anak)

Satrio Nugroho wrote : “mon,selamat ulang taun ya!!kalo cari gebetan itu 1 aja jgn sekaligus 3.hahaha…
sukses mon!!”

(i awarded this as birthday-wishes-of-the-year. bongkar aib banget soalnya. hahah. congratulation yo, you just got yourself a 3 doors refigerator)

Girindra Hadisuryo wrote : “oy…carr… met hari lahir… semoga sukses selalu..lo udah lulus belum se ?”

(how on earth he thinks that i haven’t graduated??and he said it in a birthday wishes??)

Bebek Garang wrote : “selamat ulangtahun di kamis yang cerah ceria ini yaak..semoga hari ini dan seterusnya diberikan banyak rezeki, kesehatan, dan kesuksesan..aminn..Salam Garang Merangsang buat kamuu.. :D”

(salam garang merangsang..errrr okay you freak me out Bebek Garang, whoever you are)

Diyah Said wrote : “‎Justin Bieber and girlfriend would like to say HBD to our lovely Carrisa! wif ♥ cup cup muaaah”

(hahahahhaha, this is really funny)

that’s all the nomination for my favorite birthday wishes. and Justin Bieber’s GF take the second place. anw, i found out that the most mentioned in my birthday wishes is “SEMOGA ENTENG JODOH”

oh waw, you guys really know what i need. hahah. *cynical laugh* you know me so well (SM*SH style, anywho i like SM*SH. beside of their a-little-bit-feminine-appearance, i think they are great. they can dance while singing. i’m dying to be able to do what they do 😦 )

so, happy birthday for me and i wish myself to be a better person and to find the reason why God sent me to this planet so-called earth. amen.


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