be the hero for your environment

i don’t understand why some people still throw trashes out of the trash bin. it is really bother me. come on, it’s 2011, and you still throw trashes not in the place where it should be? (read : trash bin) instead, they throw it in the street, in the pavements, in the park, in the pot, in everywhere. o my God. and how on earth they still complain about the flood that happen annually in Jakarta and get super angry with the government when they, themselves, are the one who made the flood happen??

i once told my friends when they were about to throw a bottle of mineral water, cigarettes, and a paper carelessly in the street.

me : “hey, what are you doing?”

him : “throwing these”

me : “don’t do that! why don’t you throw it in the trash bin?”

him : “gaaaaahh, i don’t have time to find the trash bin”

me : “but throwing trashes not in the right place will lead into a flood. no wonder if this city always have flood every year”

him : “car, caarr, you’re a good girl, but unfortunately it is only you who think that way. so, it’s not gonna work. because it’s not only me. people keep throwing trashes out of the trash bin, and if it’s only you who throw trashes in the trash bin, it won’t prevent the flood to happen. because you just do it alone. one will never be enough.”

good Lord. i feel pity for those people. i understand that it is not only my friends who think that way, that one person won’t make a significant change.

the way they think is like this “it won’t affect anything, it’s only me who do the wrong thing. nothing bad is gonna happen. one person won’t make any change.” or “it won’t affect anything. it’s only me who do the right thing. this is useless. one person won’t make any change.”

guys, why don’t you change your mindset into these “what if, it’s not only me who do the wrong thing? what if another thousand people do the wrong thing just like i do? there’s gonna be a disaster!!” or “what if, it’s not only me who do the right thing? what if another hundred people do the good thing just like i do? it’s gonna help the environment. it’s gonna make this place a better place.”

see the difference??

we don’t have to do something big or plan a huge project to save the environment. we can be the environment hero even in our own. just start from ourselves. start doing something small. i always believe that something good can be contagious to other people. and when we do something good, a good effect will come from it.

start to throw trashes in the trash bin. if i can’t find the nearest trash bin, i will carry it or keep it in my bag or in my pocket until i find the trash bin and throw it there.

i mean, it’s 2011 and it is really not cool to throw trashes carelessly. i believe modern people and educated people will never ever do that, because they do aware of the bad effect.

save this planet. this planet so called earth is the only place that has chocolate and Justin Bieber. and SM*SH.

i found this really good mantra in i-really-forgot-its-title movie “i may be on my own, but i can make a change”

for those who plan to do a bad thing and for those who plan to do a good thing, just remember this —-> you are not alone. think about at least hundred people out there who do the same thing like you and think about the effect. positive thing, negative thing. you choose.

oh, and also one more thing i’m really disgusted with people who spit in the street. that is super gross. major eeewwhh. please don’t be too careless for the environment, guys.

“be the change you want to see. be your own hero”


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