lesson from death

i woke up this morning and as usual i check on Twitter Timeline *sign that i’m suffered from Twitter Obsessed*. and i read that Adjie Massaid, Indonesian Actor who turn out being a member of parliament, passed away because of heart attack.

i was really shocked, not because i’m a big fan of him, but more like “o my God he is too young to die”. he’sonly 43 and has 3 little children.

i just can’t believe it, how on earth that he already passed away while he’s only 43 and having a great career and seems like he has a beautiful family life?

my deepest sympathy goes to his children. i think that his children are in the phase where they still need a father figure. i mean, if i were in their position i have no idea what i would do. i might be crying so hard until i couldn’t even be able to open my eyes.

this shocking news bring me back to the story of my office driver.

couple days ago, my office driver told me about his loss because of the death of his wife. his wife passed away without no one predicted it. she was really healthy before, but the next day, all of the sudden she got headache, faint, comma and passed away. my office driver felt a huge loss. he said he still imagine her face every time he close his eyes, and if only he’s able to dig her grave, he would. to hear how painful it was to lose his lover, really broke my heart.

i remember my sister once asked me “when someone die,who should be prayed?” and i answered “the left one”. and my sister agreed with me. because i think, when someone die, his/her lover who are left can’t bear their loss easily. they’ll feel a deep sadness and they are the one who have to live with their loss in this world. so, when i hear that someone die, i’m more concern in people who are left. and i pray for them, because they need support, sympathy and accompany. so they can move on with their life. and of course i pray for people who died, may he/she rest in peace and given a beautiful place in heaven.

come to think of it, death is an unpredictable thing. we all know we will die someday and since we were in our mother uterus, we already told about when we will die and how we die. my teacher told me that God said to us, as a fetus, about when we’ll die and how we die. so basically we already know our time, but as we born, we couldn’t be able to remember what God has said about our date death. that’s what my teacher told me and i’m kinda believe it.

death is a mystery of life. we never know when it will happen or how we die or who’s gonna cry or feel a big loss as we die.

we can’t cheat death. no one. so i think we should make the best of our lives. i believe that life is really short. so don’t waste time spending on something that we don’t like or over-think about some unnecessary things (like over-think about the haters. because hater’s gonna hate. let them do what they have to do). try new things. be nice. laugh often. do what you love. have no regret.and chase your dream. make the best of our lives, because believe me, it’s not only written in The Moffats’s song, but life is seriously short. well, wise people often say it. and i believe it. 🙂

“Death ends a life. not a relationship”

-Mitch Albom-


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    1. thank you. i’m very honored to get comments from visitors. thank you for liking my writing 🙂

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