a letter for the old crush

dear you,

i heard a rumor that the girl you currently dating now is kinda a bad mmmm maybe not bad but flirty girl. you know, the kind of girl who’s not taking her relationship with you seriously. i feel bad for you. how on earth did you choose her to be your girlfriend?? a girl who take you to a wrong track?? while me, i can call myself as a good girl. a really good one. i mean, i won’t take our relationship just for fun. i could take you to the right track. i won’t trap you or give you a negative effect in your life. i won’t hurt you. but why did you choose that bitch, for Barongsai’s sake???

she’s not good for you. that little biatch. i feel like i wanna slap her on her face for making fun your relationship with her, and most of all for changing you into a bad guy. or you already a bad guy before but i just pretended to not see it??

i hate her!! seriously, i’m fully aware that you and i are just friends and have nothing in common. we rarely keep in touch. i know that maybe you already forget me, and it just feels so weird if i give you my opinion about your relationship with that witch. but i just feel upset to hear that rumor. not because you still dating her, but you change into another person because of her. and hearing that she’s only make fun of her relationship with you while you take it seriously, that makes me upset.

i don’t want you to be hurt. seriously. i’m not in love with you anymore, but i just hate her. i hate your girl. and i hate to know that somebody slash she is hurting you.

why didn’t you choose me instead? i’m much better than her!

or maybe, you are the one who is not good for me? that’s why God set you up with her and set me up with only-God-knows-who.

is this your karma? if this is really your karma for what you have done to me, well, i don’t know whether i should be happy or sad.

just take care of yourself. i know this is lame, but i still care for you because no matter what, you’re still a friend of mine.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. tingky says:

    all we can wish, hope such girl can turn out to be a good girl for him. Okay?

    1. hehehehehehhee, amiiiiin tink. pengen gw jadiin sate biawak deh rasanya die.

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