why i don’t date younger guy

for this post i feel like sharing one of my lovelife story which i think is kinda funny. šŸ™‚ once, a young boy, and by young means younger than my little brother, had a crush on me. he was in high school and i was in college. we were friends until one day, all of sudden, he said

him : “do you wanna be my girlfriend?”

me : “ha???????? why?”

him : “because i like you”

me : (i feel like i was choked by AP boots) what the H was he thinking??

me : “hahahah (forced laugh) why do you want me to be your girlfriend?”

him : “because i think it looks cool to date a college girl”


i felt like i wanna push him away soooo hard into a train rail.

another conversation with him.

him : “hey, what’s your plan for saturday night?”

me : “mmmm nothing. why?”

him : “do you wanna go out with me?”

me : “mmmm where to?”

him : “so, we, the 12th grade, are going camping, it’s an OSIS event. we’re about to inaugurate the new member. and i really want you to come, i wanna introduce you to my friends. please?”

me : *muntah paku* bocaaaaah bocaaaaah!! sarap kali dia ye, bisa-bisa gw disangka pembina OSIS nya coy bukan cem-cemannya. mau ditaro dimana muka gw dipermalukan depan anak SMA??

my experience with a younger guy wasn’t really nice but surely memorable. sometimes i recall those conversation and feel so weird and start a little laugh because i think it is so weird. o my God he is so weird.

that’s why i don’t date a younger guy, especially when he’s younger than my little brother or when his best idea to spend saturday night with me is take me to an OSIS event. –_____________–“”


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