travelling or blogging?

i feel so tired lately. i feel like resting my head on Irfan Bachdim’s shoulder for a while. *ciciiiuw*. anw, this year i already plan to go to Thailand in the end of May with my friends. i’m super excited with that plan, i even bought a maxi dress, midi dress, long cardi and a sling bag for the trip. oh God, i haven’t bought the plane ticket yet and book the hotel, but i already spent much money on buying the i-thought-it-would-be-perfect outfit for holiday. what a big spender i am. well i’m just hoping that someone (read : my mom) would donate me some money or at least i win some crossword quiz on the newspaper.

i’m actually kinda confused with my plan to spend holiday on Thailand. i already have enough money for the trip and i really really want to go there. but right now, i desperately need a net-book. since my laptop was handed down to my brother, i have to wait for him to come on the weekend until i’m able to surf on the internet (and write on my Blog). maybe this doesn’t make sense but somehow laptop and internet connection are two of some things that i can’t live without. i want to spend my saving for holiday but i wanna buy a net-book too. errrgh.

many people said to me that it’s such a waste of money to spend big amount of money on holiday trip. they said it would be better to invest my saving on gold or property (such as land or apartment or houses) or car (please, i don’t wanna make the Jakarta’s traffic more unbearable) etc. and i actually a type of person who’d rather spend money on something tangible than a satisfaction feeling of having a good food or travel.

but i have these dreams. to explore the world. to go to a new place. to see what the world looks like. though the main purpose of this trip is to go shopping, but i’m also thrilled with the idea of going to a new place. i mean i’m longing to see some part of the world. i want to see how they live. i wanna know the people. i wanna see the historical and exotic building. i wanna see the place which i’ve known from the books. maybe i’m not really into backpacking or travelling, but experiencing something new, seeing something new, having new common knowledge, that’s what i’m really into.

sometimes i envy my friends who recently lives abroad. i wanna feel the snow. i wanna wear coat. i wanna wear boots. i wanna wear tights and not be laughed at just like my cousin did when she saw me wore a tights (oh please why didn’t you laugh when Agnes Monica wear that ‘stoking jala-jala’ while you laughed so hard at me and my black tights which was successfully crashed my confidence i built for 2 hours in front of the mirror??let me wear what i want, young lady!this is Jakarta for Barongsai’s sake).

i did ask my friend who really loves to travel about what she gets from travelling. she said that she got many priceless experiences and the satisfaction of exploring some new places. and that’s what makes her happy.

oh God, i’m longing to go on holiday. i’m longing to go abroad. but i need a net-book too. can i just have both?? please?

i need and want this SO BAD!! *nangis menyan*


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