get up, stand up, chin up.

no one can hurt you unless you let them to. and every human being have to be respected. so you have to be respected. don’t let anyone disrespect you and make you feel worthless. ignore the haters and just keep moving forward. life is too short to live in despair.

some one said all the suffer, all the sadness, are just temporary. one day it’ll be over and you’ll start to breathe again. one day you’ll live the life as well as you want it to be. for every one deserve happiness and we gotta fight for our own happiness. JUST GET UP, STAND UP, CHIN UP. πŸ™‚

virtual hug for everyone who cry today and struggle every day. for you are not alone..

*well i should hug myself too, or anyone would give me a virtual hug?it’d be my pleasure, guys. since i desperately need it.*



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