the mean people

One day, i was told i was unpretty by a a friend of mine. He’s a guy and he said it in front of people in the classroom. I was just laughing when he said it, and trying not to care about his statement. But my other girl friend were defending me and said that he was so mean to me. well, i thought he might a little bit mean to me, who wants to be told unpretty by a guy in front of other people anyway?

i kept telling myself that he just made fun of me and didn’t really mean it. But as a girl, being told unpretty by a guy, that could be a big matter no matter how hard i tried to not think about it. And then i tweet in twitter “for girls only, what would you do when a guy told you loudly that you’re not pretty in front of other people?” and one of my friend replied “just don’t give a damn about it Car, because you know and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT HE’S JUST TELLING A LIE”

unfortunately, he didn’t stop there. He keeps mocking me, like most of the time. And it is not only him, in this world i’m living, it’s like many people often say and act like a pain in the ass to me. mocking me, underestimate me, doubting me, it happens all the time. But i always think that they just telling a lie. Because i know and everyone knows i am not like what they said. I don’t wanna waste my time and my energy to answer back to those opinion. Instead, I just laugh and feel pity for them. And one thing that i keep in mind, those people doesn’t matter enough to upset me. because they’re not important in my life, since what’s important to me are my family and my close friends and my cat. So, why should i care?because i know that sometimes people love to make other feel bad in order to make themselves feel good. I feel pity for those kind of people, and i wonder “are you really feel that bad about yourself so you desperately need to mock at other people in order to make you feel a little bit good about yourself?” isn’t it pathetic?

As i said before, in this world, there are so many people who love to make other people feel bad by saying some rude words. I’m just trying to ignore it, because “they’re not important enough in my life and so does their opinion”. I know they’re just telling a lie and i let them to keep telling a lie because eventually people would see who feels insecure about themselves and who stays true to themselves. just let the world knows who’s the loser. 🙂


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  1. Nek,
    Been there, done that. Beneran deh. There will be times you can smile at them and say “Hi, how’s life? Is it getting any better than mine?”

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