wonder why

I sometimes wonder why do I have so much patience stock? Why do I laugh when someone says something not nice to me? why can’t I get angry when someone makes me upset? Why does my heart still work though it wounds every day? Why does my body still work when I’m so fed up and feel like fainting and have no energy left? And sometimes I wish someone would take my heart away so I could be as heartless as most people.

Then I think, maybe that’s kinda a blessing for me. Being given a lot of patience stock. Because I’ve seen people with high-tempered. They easily get angry, act rude and say something awful for something unnecessary. For me, they don’t look good with that attitude. Dear God, could You please give them a brand-new-heart so they could be as kind-hearted as Mother Theresa or Lady Di?

Well then, I just hope I’ll never run out of patience stock and laughter and never be that kind of high-tempered person. Amin.

“I won’t cry. No, I won’t shed a tear. Just as long as you stand by me”

-Stand By Me, Bob Marley-


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