(NOT) just another place to eat

One of the moment i enjoy the most is hanging out with my friends. And by hanging out means having a very long talk-heart-to-heart and gossiping other people session. Since me and my friends are able to meet up at least twice a month, so we need a place where we could sit, eat and stay for like more than 2 hours. Once, my dad asked me “what did you actually do that you spent 3 hours in the same restaurant?didn’t the waitress asked you to leave?” hahah. That’s what i look for. A place where i could eat, sit and talk for a really long time without any interference from waitress or noisy visitor.

So, answering my dad’s question, what we (girls) actually do are gossiping, sharing story, discussing current issue (and by current issue means who date who, who marry who, and who break up with who) and laughing. Since we only get the chance to meet like once or twice a month so it surely takes more than 2 hours just to exchange information about each others life.

Hence, the best place to do all those stuffs is a cozy restaurant which is not really full of people and not really noisy. Oh, and not full of noisy teenagers. Eeergh i somehow hate it when a bunch of teenagers come into a restaurant and make a loud noise.

Spending quality time with my friends, knowing how’s their life going, asking and giving for some advise, and hardly breathe because of the endless laughter are some of the things that makes me happy . So actually, I don’t really mind to spend more money on a good restaurant with good ambiance, good food and good service. And i’m splurging for a good restaurant for only twice a month, so i think it’s not really a big harm for my financial condition. (the rest, i always bring my own lunch to the office, so i could save some money to hang out with my friends. Hahah).

So, here’s the places i have visited and i really recommend this place to be a cool-place-to-sit-eat-and-talk-or-having-quality-time-with-someone.

1. Pepenero (Graha Niaga)

i just love love this place. good food, good ambiance, reasonable price. but the only problem for me is that the menu is written in Italian, so i was like “what the H is this mean?” i should’ve brought Italian- Indonesian Dictionary. well, i visited there on sunday and it was really quiet. since it’s located on office building, so i guess it wouldn’t be as quiet as weekend on the weekdays.

2. Sinou Kaffe Hausen (Jl.Panglima Polim)

the best thing about this place is the Blueberry Cheese Pancake. i actually forgot the name of that super-delicious pancake, but it’s mixed with blueberry and cheese and it tastes so freaking yummy and addictive. 🙂 its interior design is kinda unique, made me feel like i was in a warehouse. for me, the price is a little bit expensive and i don’t really feel comfortable with the ambiance (since the lightning is too dark for me)but the blueberry cheese pancake is definitely memorable 🙂

3. Nanny’s Pavillon (Citywalk)

too bad i didn’t take any picture of it and also can’t find the appropriate picture of it in Google (there are actually a lot of picture of Nanny Pavillon but they are courtesy of other people’s blog. aaaa this is why i need to buy a camera, the SLR one. heheh). its interior design is really sweet. a bunch of shelves, doll, flower and cute wallpaper make feel like i was in my dreamy room. it serves pancake and waffle with unique combination. i ordered Mushroom Cheese Waffle and it tastes uniquely delicious. i mean all this time i always thought that the soul mate for waffle or pancake are chocolate or ice cream but when the mushroom and cheese are put there, it still tastes good. i love Nanny’s Pavillon which located in Citywalk for its good food, good price (i mean not really expensive), and the sweet interior which successfully made me feel comfortable.

so those are some of the places i have ever visited and actually there are a bunch of great places to hang out in Jakarta but those three above are the most memorable to me. i might add more places in the next post. hope my review above could help you to choose the place to spend quality time with your favorite people. have a nice weekend anyway 🙂


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