Life (and) Books

when i was in school and even in college, i wasn’t a bright student. you know, the straight-A student or the one who’s been teacher’s favorite student. unfortunately, i wasn’t. and i found it really difficult to deal with numbers. physic, chemistry, even basic math. o my God, i just don’t get it why did i have to learn about measuring the water pressure? i even got 1,9 out of 10 for my chemistry weekly test score. and the teacher was seems so hopeless to teach me about the contains of H2O (no, it was more complicated than just remembering the contains of H2O).

Well, I actually really love to read. But i just dislike to read school’s books or math books or chemistry books. I prefer reading history than physic. I prefer reading someone’s biography or newspaper or Natural Geographic than Biology books. I can say that i hate study. I know that it is not good, hating study, i don’t wanna end up being a moron people just because i don’t like to study. But i just found that learning is far more interesting than studying. Well, at least for me.

In my opinion, the difference between studying and learning is when it comes to study i have to read books given from school and then i’m given a test based on the book i read. While learning, i can learn from anywhere, anything, anytime. Not just books from school but also Novels, comics, traveler’s guide books, magazine, blog, newspaper and even my own experience and many many more. And for learning, i always think that we usually given the test first and then we learn from it.

I’m not saying that studying is useless. No, it’s surely not. Both study and learn are things that really important in human’s life. Study and learn are completing each other. And it would be really great if we could do both. But if i had to choose, i prefer learning to studying. Because the process of learning, according to me, are to see, to hear and to feel. If i see, hear and feel things i could memorize it longer and better than just to read and repeat it over and over again until i finally memorize it.

I often felt so ashamed of myself because i always ask something that sounds so ridiculous. For example like “why is that happen?” “What makes her do something cruel like that?” Etc etc. Sometimes people were giving me the what-kind-of-question-is-that?that’s-really-stupid look or the underestimate-me look. And it usually made me feel so embarassed of myself and end up keep my mouth shut though thousand question were running in my mind. Simply just because i didn’t wanna be judged as a stupid girl.

But then i got tired of people judgement, and i’m thinking if i don’t ask and keep my mouth shut, i will be forever stupid and i don’t wanna bring my question into my grave eventually. So i start to make myself to be brave enough to ask for something i didn’t know. And i try to keep this in mind “i want to be a person with good common knowledge so i have to ask and learn more” i don’t wanna give a damn about people judgemnet when i ask a ridiculuos question. If they don’t wanna give me the answer then i will find another people who’s willing to answer me. and i believe that a true smart people don’t mind to share their knowledge to other people.

Well I think nobody’s born to be suddenly genius. Everyone have to study and to learn in order to be smart. No babies know the Phytagorean Formula or the definition of social beings or how it feels to get his/her heart broken. That’s why we need to study and to learn. Never let ourselves feel like we are the smartest person in the world or we are smarter than other people so we don’t wanna study and learn anymore, close our minds from new information or refuse to brainstorming with other people, because in fact we won’t get enough of knowledge. Since there are a lot of informations out there that we haven’t known and many new informations born every single minute that we need to know.

So, start to read new literature, see new things, hear new things, feel new experience, learn everyday so we could be a better person than yesterday. To be a person who have an open-mind and good common knowledge is precious. Be stupid, so we always crave for new knowledge and willing to learn everyday in order to be smarter. i think we shouldn’t be too embarassed if we wanna ask something ridiculous, don’t be too afraid of the idea that people might laugh at our ridiculous question. Just ask in order to feed our curiousity. Don’t be afraid to be stupid because every one is a learner for their whole time in this world. Never stop reading. Never stop learning.

“The wise man reads both books and life itself”

-Lin Yutang-

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