have had a good time

I just looked at my friend’s Facebook who lives in Bandung. She’s Sundanese, hence she wrote her Facebook status in Sundanese language, but the thing is, when I read her Facebook status and tried so hard to understand its meaning (since I can’t speak neither understand Sundanese language), all of sudden I started to miss Bandung. Its weather, its street, its ambiance, its nice people, its language. i had such a remarkable moment in Bandung *sigh deeply* can I live in Bandung but still work in Jakarta?

Anyway, Just found this picture I made 3 or 4 years ago in my Facebook. Remind me of how happy and silly we were.

Oh, and one thing I’d like to say congratulation to my friend, Hita Mahardika, for being employed in mmm…mmmm..errrrr (o my God I don’t remember the company’s name) but its located in Singapore, so he’ll work in Singapore. Envy him soooo much.

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