Does society recognition really matter?

I’ve been wondering lately if society recognition does matter for us. Well, for me. because I see that people tend to respect more and amazed more when they know that we work in a well-known company, or having a great title in office, or going to famous university, or driving a fancy car, etc etc. sometimes people would be more amazed or excited when we say something like “I work at …… (let’s say a very famous oil and gas company)” no matter what your position in that office is, they’re just gonna be like “wooow, I envy you, you must have a great salary” or when we say something like “my office is at Energy Building” I bet they’re gonna be like “woooow, fancy office. let’s meet up at Plaza Senayan then”. Though you haven’t mentioned in what office you work.

So, lines above aren’t just a hypothetical situation. I often hear and see that kinda situation though it’s not happening to me. and this is what really happen to me –> let’s compare. Once my friend asked me where my office at and I said that my office located in Mampang Prapatan. And he was like “eewwwh, that’s not an elite area for work. Oh and btw, I work at SCBD Building, a business district” yeah, well well well. or another situation.

Someone : “how much salary does she make?”

Me : “errr don’t know, I’m not really sure. 3 million, maybe.”

Someone : “that’s kinda big amount of money. compare to yours. Well, why don’t you ask her if she can put your CV in that office too.”

So, that’s what I’ve been thinking about, society recognition and how it affect us, errr actually me, as a part of society.

I gotta admit that society recognition does matter for me. I mean, who doesn’t want to be seen as a success person or be envied because seemingly you’ve got everything. when I’m looking at Job Vacancies, I often look at the name of the company or the location of the company. I even apply for a very well-known retail company for Purchasing position. It doesn’t even suit with my educational background. But imagining work in that company, get a discount for some of their products, wearing fancy clothes, that’s tempts me. or I saw a job vacancy in somewhat office but it’s located in Mega Kuningan. Without any hesitation, I applied for its available position.

And now when I already earn my own money, it seems like I want to buy everything. I have this list in my mind about things I want. And it’s freaking long and endless. Every month, I feel like having a new want. Like, i have to save my money to buy a car. Or I have to save my money to buy my future house. Buying a car and a house definitely not as easy as buying a peanut in the street. I gotta save my money for like a hundred years from now. and I also tend to buy branded clothes or shoes or whatever it is just to satisfy my desire to have those branded stuffs which I couldn’t afford when I was a student. you see, sometimes when we wear those branded stuffs, it could boost our confidence. Though people have no clue if we wear Charles & Keith shoes or the latest Mango trouser. We just have that confidence when we wear it. And at the end of the month, I always run out of my money. This doesn’t good. I also see some shopaholic people are in debt because they use their credit card carelessly in order to fulfill their lifestyle. And reading Rani\'s post, it makes me realize that people do tend to worship lifestyle nowadays. And unfortunately, I become one of them. People who worship lifestyle. People who work for money. People who’s dying to be recognized socially.

This is stressing me out.

After spending some nights thinking about this whole money and society recognition thing, I decide to start to want less and try not to think about how much money I earn or about the society recognition. Because if I have to fulfill my want-to-buy-list I should marry a Prince from some kingdom in middle-east so I could afford to buy all the things I want. Which is very unlikely to happen. And about the social recognition, if I have to follow society demand just to be recognized socially, I would never live in peace. Because society demand will change me into the person who always want more and more and more and never be satisfied of what I achieved. And never be grateful for what I have. Having a big ambition can be good either bad. It turns bad if that big ambition turns us into a person who always want more, never feel grateful and never stop wanting something. And to make it even worse, big ambition can make us to do all the possible way to achieve what we want. We don’t care if it could harm people and slowly killing ourselves.

In my opinion, when I try to fulfill society demands, I’m not becoming myself. And it makes me tired of trying to get more and to have more, and when I finally achieve it, I realize it is not for me. it’s for society. Well now, I’m adding some lines in my prayers every night. To be happy and to be joyful. I don’t wanna end up being a stressful person just because thinking about the way to have everything. I don’t wanna end up in jail just because doing every way even a criminal action just to be considered as a high-class person in society. I just wanna be happy. Whatever that happy means, whatever that God think could make me happy, I don’t care. I just wanna be happy.

In the end, society recognition does matter. it is our choice to choose whether to satisfy society or ourselves. Everything has its good and bad side. but I’m in progress to not make the society recognition as the priority in my life and affect me in a negative way. I’m living in the middle of society. I’m part of society. But I don’t live to for society recognition. I live for me. Amin.

“I am the one who has to die when it times for me to die. So let me live my life the way I want to.”

-Jimi Hendrix-


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