childhood dream

when you were a little child and were asked about what you want to be when you grow up, what was your answer? i think, flight attendant is the most common profession dream for little girl. and a pilot for little boy. well, mine was a flight attendant, supermodel, and astronaut. i never thought about being a career woman or even a lawyer. or even a member of parliament. hell no!

my dream to be an astronaut, i had to bury it because i was just not qualified to be an astronaut, though i think it’s pretty exciting to go to outer space and see other planet than earth. but to be an astronaut, you have to be an expert in physic. while me, i was totally not good with numbers. i even failed in physic class for 2 grades in a row. how could i survive in outer space when i couldn’t even calculate the air pressure? so, there goes my dream to be an astronaut. 😦

and last week i saw a job vacancy in a famous international airlines. they were looking for flight attendant’s position. i was just staring at it and thought “should i apply or not? should i or shouldn’t i?” it took me quite a long time to decide whether i send my resume to that airlines or not. but then, i thought that to be a flight attendant is one of my childhood dream, so, why not give it a shot? then, i applied for its position because i simply want to give a chance for my childhood dream to become true. i don’t expect much from it, but who knows? i’ll never know unless i try, right? so, there it goes, my resume. hope i could pass the administration selection and got an interview call. amin. amin. amin.


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  1. Rani says:

    we want more post

  2. terimakasih telah menjadi pembaca setia nona Rani dari PT Mau Mau Ngga Ngga. akika naksir blog yey jg loh. kalo nyampe kantor langsung eik baca. mohon diupdate terus ya.


    Carissa —> macam outlook di kantor aje

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