big big girl in a mean mean world

As I grow up, I see and realize that the world is full of bad people. Well, at least I realized that bad people do exist. People who stab you in the back, people who gossips you like all the time, people who corrupt, people who kill other people, people who take something that genuinely doesn’t belong to them, people who cheat, people who lie, people who always being irresponsible, people who loves to put the blame on other people for their own mistake, people who judge, people who act cruel and mean, and many more.

I always wonder, what makes them doing or acting like that?

If bad people do exist and seems so irritating, and if this world really is tough and mean, do I have to change into bad people too so I could survive in this mean world? Do I have to be mean so that no one won’t underestimate me and do something mean to me? I definitely not a saint who have never done any sin nor will I ever do any sin, but I just found it really uncomfortable to be mean and cruel. That’s why I’m asking how could they intentionally do something mean and cruel without feeling guilty? Because sometimes I wish I could be like them. Heartless, mean and survived.


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