unplanned revenge

Have you ever been hurt by someone? Really hurtful that you need to get revenge so you can forgive and forget what they did to you? Well, I have. And it felt really hurtful. I wish I could get a revenge for him. But since I’m not really good on doing something bad, I mean I am no saint nor an angel sent from above though, but it just seems so hard for me to plan on a cruel scheme to get revenge on someone. Just like Mischa does to Fitri.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this revenge thing because I just heard that my old crush broke up with his gf. And the best part was his gf cheated on him and now she’s dating his best friend. He seems so miserable about his lost. And me? What was my first reaction when I heard that? i smiled. Not a sweet smile or even fake smile. It was evil smile. you know, you can see the example in TV Series Cinta Fitri, I was smiling just like Mischa’s smile. When she sees Fitri falls down from a cliff and thinks that little goody innocent girl finally dies (but in fact, she wasn’t. Everyone knows that Fitri is immortal, so does Mischa.)

So, basically his love story ended just like mine. He loved his gf head-over-heels and hoped that their relationship would last forever. Check. He got dumped by his gf for other guy. Check. He was backstabbed by his best friend. Check. He’s in a mega broken-hearted phase. CHECK.

I couldn’t help but smiling. I never thought that he would feel what I felt 3 years ago. o my God, I feel like dancing along in order to celebrate this. We should celebrate this, guys. I don’t care if I seemingly become so mean just because I feel happy over someone’s pain. Hey. I’ve been in his position and he was the one who made me feel miserable. And it took me more than 2 years just to move on, So, don’t blame me if I feel so freaking happy when my revenge finally happen. So, I feel like meeting him and see his condition right now. Not to give my empathy but more like give him the poor-you look. Yeah, I pity him.

Since it’s kinda impossible to meet him, I decide to write a letter (again) and I do hope that God would lead him to click on my blog link and read this cyber-letter. So, here you go :

“hi you, how are you doing? Good? Really? Oooh poor guy, don’t lie to me. I know your life has not been good because I read your twitter and it showed me that you actually not feel good about your life recently. Am I right or AM I RIGHT? so I heard that you just broke up with your girl. And I also heard that you were ditched because she has an affair with your best friend. So, how does it feel? To be backstabbed by your own best friend? To face the fact that something, you don’t want to be happened, happens behind your back? Does it hurt? Does it? So, that’s exactly what I felt when you did the same thing, more or less, to me. You know, at that time, I couldn’t help but cried. In every single day. And until I asked God to let you feel what I felt. To teach you how to love someone sincerely. To not take someone for granted. And, I actually don’t think that this is a Karma, well yeah, I don’t believe in Karma anyway. But it’s more like my revenge to you. A revenge that I never planned to happen. Because my actual plan was you madly in love with me and then I ditch you. But, it’s not what really happens. In fact, another girl was the one who ditched you, not me. Eeergh. Why not me, for heaven’s sake??!! but I gotta accept it. Because human makes plan, but only God who decide whether to use my plan or His plan. So, here is my revenge according to God’s plan, me moving on and living my life well. Because actually, living well is the best revenge. And one more thing, Karma’s only a bitch if you are. So be careful on what you do. Don’t be a bitch or you gonna get another bitch as your girl. So enjoy your ride now. One day, you’ll get over it.”


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