making the dreamy dream to come true

This is just awesome. I got an email from the airline I’ve applied for its Flight Attendant position, it is said that they invite me to an initial interview and career talk. O MY GOOOOOD. I-CAN’T BELIEVE-ON-WHAT-I-JUST-READ. I mean, it might be just the start of the very long recruitment procedures or maybe I won’t go any further after that event. Because I seriously have no high expectation of being accepted to be its cabin crew. I think that I’m not thin enough, or good-looking enough, and the most important is my teeth aren’t in its best condition. My teeth are terrible. Eeergh. I should’ve gone to the dentist since I was a kid. But I really want it!! To pass all the test. I almost burst into tears when I received that email. Silly. But I felt so freaking happy!! I feel like telling everyone. Like every single person I meet.

I never thought that I could get invited to the initial interview. I never thought I would ever do this. I always think that being a Flight Attendant is just my dreamy dream, my childhood dream, in which I almost bury. But now, I’m one step closer to make my dream come true. O my God, I want this so bad. I promise I’ll start to do sit-up every night before I go to sleep, I promise I won’t over-eat chocolate or every food that contains sugar, I promise I will take care of my health and my body, I promise I’m gonna do my best. But, can I just have Jessica Alba’s body instantly in the next two weeks??

Anyway, I feel so anxious yet excited, but I sometimes question myself, can I make it? Can I pass all the test? Because honestly, I sometimes think I can’t be a Flight Attendant. I’m not a girl who has Flight Attendant materials. But I want it so bad, God, please please please with cherry on top???

Ok, *inhale..exhale..inhale..exhale* guys, remember, Justin Bieber says “NEVER SAY NEVER”, rite?? So, go ahead and chase it!

Anyway, please pray for me universe.


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