Saturday activity = Pamper myself

Pampering my self is one of a lot of things i really love and enjoy to do. Since i live in Jakarta, which is a really hectic and full of pplution city, having a me-time just to refresh my body and my mind is really joyful. at first, i pampered myself every time i got my heart-broken. Heheh. I just wanted to show the guy who dumped me that my life still went great though he dumped me. but later on, i found that pamper myself is kinda important. Because i think i am the one who have full responsible of my body so, i have to be concern of my body. Beside, i don’t really like to cover my face with full make-up, so there’s nothing i can do except feed myself with a good food and taking care of my body. Just like You-C 1000 tagline “Healthy Inside, Fresh outside” and common tagline “look good feel good”, rite?

Anyway, today i went to Lelidewi Prapanca21 to get myself a body and face treatment, Totok Wajah and Body Scrub. O my God, the place was great, i mean really relaxing, really quiet, they even played a CD that contains voice of birds chirping. With Javanese and Balinese ambiance and aromatherapy smells, Lelidewi House of Beauty is really really recommended. and when the Therapist started to give my face and my body a massage, i felt so relaxed, i mean like the weigh and the backache i felt in my shoulder for a week are gone. O my God, i feel so happy, and i even think how happy i was at that time.

Well, i think every women deserve a relaxing treatment for their body, face, mind and soul. For me, Spa is way better than diamond. Hahah.

anyway, i can’t imagine how much money that spent by a lot of beautiful girls spreads in Jakarta just to take care of their body. No wonder they have such a really flawless skin face and body. My sister and i even think that she who has much money could be a very freaking pretty girl. Don’t you think?


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  1. Rani says:

    next time please add photos. so i can feel the ambience too. 😀

    1. haaaa?? masa gw memfoto diri gw yg tdk berbusana pas lagi luluran?? *geer aje gw* oke baiklah, gw cari di google dulu ya booook. eh tapi kesana yuk kali kaliiii, ntar muka lo di pijit pijit, enak dah

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