back to reality world

o my God, i finally connect with the internet world. after 4 days being on a vacation (read : S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G till drop, and i’m literally broke now) and disconnect from the reality world except my mom, now i’m about to back to Jakarta City. aaa can i have one more week just to extend my holiday????

anyway, now i’m wandering alone in airport waiting for the flight to depart which is 5 hours later, and i know this is silly but there’s one person in my mind right now, the person i’ve been thinking since i started my vacation, when i was on vacation and when i wander alone in the airport like this. i just feel so weird. yeah, this is weird. i’ve never thought about a guy in my every single second since a year ago. and this is freaking me out, actually.

so, this is just a quick update on how happy i was to finally had my sweet escape and to finally connect with the reality world. welcome back, Carissa!! (i’m trying to slap my face, because well i actually don’t wanna go back to real world (read : back to work))


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