(im)perfect = i’m perfect

Whoever said that Ladyboy in Thailand is the most woman look alike ladyboy, well i think they are totally right. When i was in Pattaya, i went to Alcazar Cabaret Show. It’s a cabaret show played by the ladyboys. And suprisingly, the ladyboys were freaking pretty. It seems like there is no way that they used to be a boy, because now, they look like a doll. Flawless skin, big round eyes, small lips, sharp nose, curvy body, you name it. All the things i wish i have in my body, they have it!! And then i got the chance (it wasn’t really a chance actually. I gotta pay THB 40 just to take a picture with them) to take a picture with them. And, as i saw him eer i mean her, oh boy i’m confused what am i supposed to call that ladyboy? Ok, just call them her, and as i saw her closely, i felt like i was looking at a doll, a porcelain doll. Because they were so perfect physically. But, at that very moment i realized that their perfection makes them not so human. Though i know that it was just an artificial perfection, but in my eyes, they didn’t look like human. Because they were too perfect, flawless.

(above is the picture i took with one of the Ladyboys performed in Alcazar Cabaret Show, the one with the crown, you see how freaking pretty she is??)

And at night, as i saw my reflection in the mirror after washing my face and worry about the acnes in my face, i suddenly thought that prefect looking ladyboy doesn’t look like human. I mean i know they are human but somehow imperfection makes human, human. And whoever said that perfection is boring, errr i kinda agree with him/her. Because, when i saw those “perfect looking” ladyboy, i was like “oh my, she’s so freaking pretty” but that’s it. Pretty. Like. A. Doll. Let me explain this. I actually have this weird habit. When i see a super pretty girl, i look at her and think that she’s so pretty but have no interest in looking at her again. Because she is absolutely pretty, like none would deny that. But when i see an ordinary girl, i am interested to find her beautiful side. So i’d love to look at her face again and again and again until i find something that makes her beautiful. Because i believe that basically every girl is beautiful. Just beware of bad personalities because, bad personalities do destroy pretty face.

So, the point i’m trying to make is that imperfection is what makes human, human. Really. And i remember one of my guy friend said something to me when i whine about the acne in my face. He said “easy, Car, you know that acne makes a girl looks attractive.” Really?? Does anyone out there think so?

Well, let’s try to embrace our imperfection. (now i’m trying to do so, and hopefully i succeed in embracing my not-so-perfect teeth and also my huge-like-really-huge nose and also my can-barely-seen eyes). because there’s no such thing as a beautiful face if we have an ugly personalities. Don’t you think?


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