Unnoticed Hero

“di Soetta ada jalur khusus TKI dgn plang bertuliskan “selamat datang Pahlawan Devisa”. Entah knp hati gw terkoyak ngebacanya #perasasekali”

.@carissayufita on Twitterland June 20, 2011.

I just realized that Soekarno-Hatta International Airport has a special path for Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (TKI) to do the check-in thing or screening luggage there. And what really saddens me is the board that written “Selamat Datang Pahlawan Devisa” is placed right above that special path. I mean, if the government takes the TKI as a hero, then why does the government not treat and/or protect the people that they call as a hero like a hero supposed to be treated or at least like a citizen that supposed to be protected? #hardlythinking

Well, too bad, the message on the welcoming board doesn’t mean anything for the government.


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