The Importance of Other People Existence

So, in the office i have this friend, he is the messenger in my office, but since he’s a really funny guy and i always can’t stop laughing every time he’s around, i consider him as my friend. I don’t see him as the messenger, i just see him as my friend. Sometimes i kinda mixed up my relationship between him and me as co-workers and as a friend. Whenever i (or my Boss) want to send some documents, i gotta ask him to send that documents to the recipient. But then, a week ago, something’s going wrong, we, err no, me to be exact, gave him a silence treatment. It all started because we had such a miscommunication. when i asked him to do me a favor to send the document to the recipient. And i didn’t know why, all of sudden, he got so mad at me and refused to send that document. And unfortunately, i was on my PMS phase, the phase where my Estrogen hormone successfully changes me into a super sensitive woman. So, i felt so offended and got real mad at him that i gave him a silence treatment for a week.

I know that i act so unprofessional here and really childish, but i just feel so offended at that time.

And then, there was a time when i had to send a document, i tried not to ask him to do me a favor but unfortunately he was the only messenger left in the office that day. So, i HAD to ask him for help. It was like a battle between my super-high-pride and my duty. One side, i still mad at him and it seems like there-is-no-way-i –would-talk-to-him-first-and-ask-him-to-help-me, but in the other side I-HAD-TO-SEND-THIS-DOCUMENT-RIGHT-NOW-!!!-OTHERWISE-MY-BOSS-WOULD-KILL-MEH-!

So, i had no choice unless ask him for help. But, after that we’re still not talk to each other.

The point i’m trying to make here is the importance of other people existence related to our job’s duty to be done. Every people in the office, no matter what his/her position in the office, no matter how much money they earn, we just couldn’t do our job’s duty without them. I’ve seen some people who had higher position, sometimes take those staff whose position is lower than them like their housemaid or treat them like they are not human. They order them to do something without saying the three magical words (thanks-please-sorry) or even worse blame them for something that isn’t their fault. It’s just ironic. How hard is it to say Please-Thanks-Sorry?? It’s definitely not as hard as build Candi Borobudur by themselves, right?? Because according to my experience above, i definitely couldn’t get my job’s duty done without them. Maybe their title or their position in the office seemingly not really matters as a Marketing Manager or Project Officer or whatsofreakingever, but it is obvious that we can’t work alone. We need each other. We need the messenger, we need the office boy/girl, we need the security, we need the Building Maintenance team, we need the Buyer Supervisor, we need the Secretary to Directors, we need the driver, and so on and so on.

So, i do pray to God to not make me such a witch and jerk and heartless and mean and ignorance and intolerance person when i become a “big” person one day. Because we can’t be that big person without support from other people and of course may i never forget how it feels to be in the bottom, so i would never treat other people like they are not a human being. Amin.

Oh and one thing, i do hate a person who gets angry like a mad man. When they get angry, they could curse someone, humiliate him/her publicly and say something really inappropriate to them who they think responsible for the mistake. Could you please just being angry like a normal human, instead of a monster, please? Because yelling, cursing, humiliating someone, and act like a mad person just because you think you’re the boss won’t make people respect you.

Oh well, this post makes me ashamed of myself. i should apologize to my friend. I shouldn’t have acted that unprofessional and childish like that. 😦


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