Moments. Stories. Us.

Finally, HOME. And also finally, I got a good internet connection. Grrrrh. Internet connection in my hometown was sucks as hell.

By the way, fist thing first, I do want to say “HAPPY EID MUBARAK to all moslem fellow all over the world”. Hope we could be a better person and still be able to celebrate Eid Mubarak next year. Amin.

Anw, I went to Bandung today and it made me realize that Bandung is such a really memorable and remarkable city for me. I might only spent 5 years there, but I feel like Bandung is my second hometown. I remember when I was in college, I wished that I would live in Bandung as a business woman who’s still be able to manage her marriage and her kids. I also wished that I could open a cafe, bakery shop, and clothing line there. I wished I could spend the rest of my life as Bandung’s citizen.

I am so in love with Bandung.

I love the people there.

I love its weather.

I love its ambiance.

I love the memory I had when I was in Bandung.

Anw, talking about the memory I had in Bandung, I suddenly remember all my friends. It’s kinda sadden me to see us being apart. You see, as people grow old, they grow apart. And so are we. I sometimes even think, if in the end we really have to grow apart, then i don’t wanna grow old. So, I would always have them with me. But we surely growing old, yes? Having our own job, chasing our own dream, choosing our own path, and as it happens, we are slowly walking apart. Those moments become pictures. Those stories become memories. That people were us.











we were so ugly inside, but we made each other beautiful.



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