Goodbye, Mr.Jobs.

Hi people, it’s been a WHILE since the last time I blog. yeaaah, my life has been so busy like hell recently that i found it so difficult to spare some times to post anything in my blog. I even hardly breathe and always feel like screaming “GIMME A EFFFING BREAK, YOU PEOPLE!!”.

Anw, enough about my really-frustrating-life, so this time I’m about to write something concerning to Steve Jobs’s death. yeah, current issue but it did catch my attention.

I was reading my twitter timeline and read someone’s tweet that said “#RIPSteveJobs” and I was really shocked that I thought it was kinda a hoax. But then I found that Steve Jobs really passed away after I googled it. I was shocked..and sad. I don’t know him in real life, yes surely because we live in a different continent, different timezone, and different world, and I’m also not a fanatic fan of his product which is Apple. I don’t have any products of Apple simply because I can’t afford it though I actually want it and think that all of Apple’s products are so cool and awesome. So, maybe you think that why on earth I have to get sad when hear that he passed away. Well, let me explain about how his death saddened me.

I knew him as one of the founder of Apple and that he is one of the influential people in the world. And I never worked with him so I have no idea how he treated his employee or whether he was an angelic boss or the evil one or whether he was tricky and mean or sincere and caring person. But the way I see him, judging from the report from media, I see him as a free-spirit person who knows what he wants to do, a very smart and very talented person, a bold and brave person, and a person with passion. He created something that useful for other people and in my opinion, he changed the world in his way. He may already left this world but for me he leaves his best legacies, not the Apple products I think, but his name that would be talked passed down the generations and his spirit that might influence some people without him knowing it.

And in fact, he kinda influence me. This is his quotes that moves me.

(image from here )

I’m not a fan of his products. I’m fan of his spirit. There’s a part of me that makes me wish to be as brave as he is. He decided to drop out from college because he thought and realized that it wasn’t for him and took the risk that would face him and he could overcome with it. Well, for me, I would never do that. I was not and am not brave enough to let go of what kills me and taking the risky risk that might leads me into making my dreams come true. I am not that bold. I am not that bold to something I want to be. And I totally adore his boldness. I know that he’s smart but I don’t really wish to be as smart as he is, I just wish i could be as bold as him, because I think boldness is what people really need to get succeed.

Anw, I’m thinking that how happy it is for me if I have to go from this world and leave a legacy just like Steve Jobs and other influential people that already passed away. For me, the best legacies that a human could ever leave are good name and how many people’s life that have been touched or influenced in a good way. And that’s what I am dying to do as long as I live. Having a good name that survive even when I am not survive in this world again. MY NAME SHALL SURVIVE.

Let me name people whose name are survive for me, other than Steve Jobs : Princess Diana and Mother Theresa. I’ve always been admiring them. For their kindness and the way they live and survive in this world. And in fact, their names are survive in this world. People talk about them though they are not living in this world anymore.

So, from the Steve Jobs’s death, I hope I could learn something from it, that I gotta be that bold and that brave to be whatever I want to be so I could make my name known and survived as legendary as him.

Keep this post in mind, Car.

Steve was among the greatest of American innovators – brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it.”
Quotes on President Obama’s statement on Steve Jobs’s death


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