These People

hi people, it’s Saturday night, oh not anymore, it’s already Sunday. means Monday tomorrow. urgh. anw, I was planning to watch Hang Over 2, that’s why I stay up late but then my mood to write just came out, so I decided to blog instead of watching DVD. anw, do you guys have some people you feel comfortable with that you do anything without feel so ashamed in front of them?you do silly things with them? you cry, you laugh, you discuss, you brainstorm (please noted the BRAINSTORM, not brainwash) with them? those people could be your family, your lover, your ex-lover, your friends, your neighbor, your grandma, or whoever they are. If so, do you ever consider yourself as a lucky person? I hope so 🙂 because I couldn’t be thankful enough to God for sending me these people.

you see, sometimes when you don’t feel comfortable with someone, it could affects the joy of eating. well, in my opinion. because, last week i just got a meeting with my big boss and then we had lunch together. just the two of us. imagine how awkward it was. i felt uncomfortable, yes. i felt under pressure, yes. i felt like the clock ran soooooo slooooooow. i ordered food i hate just because it was the fastest one to be served. i didn’t finish my food (BECAUSE I BASICALLY HATE IT). and i couldn’t taste the food. i just want the lunch to be finished in a blink of eye.

but it would be different if I had lunch or dinner or some kind of afternoon snack with these people. the clock seems running so fast. no matter what food I eat with them, no matter what place I am in with them,I just feel joyful and happy. just like what Sherina sings in her song. so, do you have those people who make you feel comfortable for being who you are? 🙂

(too bad I can’t upload any photo of THESE PEOPLE that I already edited 😦 *sob*. so for you, you and you, you know who you are, oh and plus my inner circle slash my lunch mate slash the only people who have sincere heart in the office, yes, ALL OF YOU THREE, you know what? I AM BLESSED. for being so joyful when I eat any food I have with you).

“Walau makan susah, walau hidup susah, walau untuk senyum pun susah. Rasa syukur ini karena bersamamu juga susah dilupakan. Oh, ku bahagia.”

-Sherina, Ku Bahagia-


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