Hello to 2012

today is officialy first day of January 2012. means, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. I actually hate to spend my new year’s eve outside the house, i mean like other normal young people who hang out with their friends or going to new year party. well in fact, i’m really not into it. i would rather stay at home, watching some drama romantic movies, or reading books, or blog. quite weird. and many people don’t believe me when I tell them that I spend my new year’s eve at home.

anyway, about this year changing, i feel a little bit sad knowing that December, which is my favorite month, is officially over and change into January. I love January too, since my birthday is on January, but for me, December always been a good month. Rainy-romantic-December. And when the clock went to 00.00 the sky started to be filled by the fireworks. And I started to rewind all the things that happened in 2011.

the 2011 for me was like a roller coaster. up and down. laughter but also tears. but less drama, i have to admit. thank God for that. some hellos and some goodbyes. some new experiences. some conflicts. Tiring, surprising and struggling. that’s my recap for 2011. I have done a lot of things in 2011. things that I started with tears and feeling afraid because I thought it was impossible for me to face that. and to embrace 2012, i feel scared. i don’t know what will going on in 2012 later and i feel a little bit scared to face it. i know that new year means new challenges and new opportunities. yeah, that two always go together. but i don’t know why, i’m kinda doubting myself whether i could go through another challenges or not. i know, i know, doubting yourself is not really a good way to start a new year. well, all i need is just to have faith on myself and on God, rite?

oh, by the way, new year also means new resolution. and so, what was my 2012 resolution again?? i don’t think i have made it. yeah, you know what, one of my 2012 resolution is as simple as owning a pair of boots and having a confidence to wear it in JAKARTA. and being a commit Pescetarian. and live more healthy. like signing up for a yoga class or that pilates class, or maybe just go swimming once a week. oh and, the most important thing, my business that i built with my best friends, which is YippieStore (on twitterland @yippiestore), would go better and i actually don’t care about the profit sharing, all I concern is just us getting a stronger friendship and hope that business or money would not tear us apart. amen to that.

so, am i ready for the new year?? *too late stu, it’s already new year* i mean, am i ready for the upcoming challenge? am i ready to turn into 24 yo? i don’thave any other words to say except BISMILLAHIRAHMANIRAHIM (Dengan menyebut nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang).

so, cheers to 2012. God always be with us and may God bless us.


PS : seeing the fireworks tonite,that was pretty cool. and i believe that you and i are staring at the same sky. Happy New Year, then. When will we meet?


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  1. nice writing, very insightful. I like it a lot. I come acoss this website by yahoo search engine. I may visit your site oftenly and introduce it to my neibourghhood. Please keep it updated. Keep on the good work. – A sweet girl

    1. thank you, will update the blog as often as possible 😀

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