Share Some, Get Some

I once watched a movie with its tagline “happiness happened when shared”. Omg, i forgot the movie title though. But, what’s make that tagline kinda memorable for me because i just think that about sharing what we have in life, that’s kinda true. I mean, since human is a social creature, which we were made to be a social creature, so it was kinda impossible for me to live alone. Like totally by yourself like the main star does in that movie. I honestly a pretty individual person. I like being in a crowd but i love to have some me-time more. And by me-time, means letting myself getting away from the crowd or from people some times. For example like i’d rather watching dvd, reading books or just browsing the internet in home than going out in some crowded place. But yes, there are some times i feel like i want to spend my days hanging out with my friends. But, basically, i could say that i am an introvert and individual (or i might say self-center) person.

So, about this sharing things, lately i’ve been busy whining and complaining about my job. Hah. And i was kinda tired and feel so sick about it, but since this month is Eid Fitr month, so every company is supposed to give their employee a THR (what’s THR in english? Mmm, Holy Day allowance for people who celebrate, is that right?heheehe). and thank God, i also given the THR as equal as one month salary of mine. As i received that allowance, i was so excited and i gave some of it (and by some means soooo little of my THR) to my parents and my brother. And suprisingly, after giving some of my THR to them, i feel happier. It was like my hard work lately was paid off. All of the after office hour meeting that i hate to the core of my heart, the boss’s anger to me, vendor’s ‘maki-makian’ to me, office colleague that act like a pain in the ass, etc etc, i was like “oke those shitty days i received were for this”. I know that the nominal of the money i gave to them was nothing, but apparently, it feels good to share what i earn to closest people.

And in this month, i also planned to make a little surprise to some friends of mine. I once had made a little surprise by giving a little christmas gift to some of my friends, and this time i decided to give a little gift to my friends in office. So, i bought some cookies in the night and i came to office earlier than them and i put those cookies each in their desk. I have no specific intention at all, actually. I just feel so grateful for their existence in my daily office life (which is sucks, most of the time, i mean my office life) and for their sincerity. I know that sincerity in people is priceless and can not be returned in any form of stuffs. Especially cookies. But, since i have difficulties in expressing my feeling, so i just love giving gift to express my grateful to people i respect. And this time, cookies it is. I just love planning surprise and seeing their surprised expression. It’s kinda giving a happy feeling for me. Making people, who makes me happy, happy. That’s kinda makes me happy. Hehehe. Omg, i used the ‘happy’ term too often.

Anw, one day i had this moment. The moment where i had to stay late in office on Friday night because of the work load. And out of nowhere, this thought crossed my mind “what do i do here? To whom this hard work for? Though i earn some money, but isn’t it sad when i don’t have someone to share with?”

Yea, that was one of my thought that made me think so hard, and some times i still think that way too. But, apparently, we can share with a lot of people. Family, friends, strangers or other creature. I’m actually kinda a picky person when it comes to share the money i earn. Since, i don’t earn money easily, well no one does, so i hate people who is so lazy that they think most people has a money tree that grows in their rooom so that’s why they can have a lot of money. So this lazy people just easily ask for some money, sometimes forcely, and if we don’t give our money they will curse us. Hey, you jerk, if you wanna have some money, work your ass off and earn some, like normal people does, don’t just sit lazily there, drinking some beer, walking around in public transportation, singing and talking when u’re drunk and asking unpolitely for some money from innocent and hard-work people. I swear those people will never ever be successfull in their whole life if they never change their attitude and their mindset. And i don’t give what i have to those lazy people. My mom always tell me to help people who help themselves. Who makes an effort in their lives, and that’s the people who deserves another helping hand.

I also heard that God help people who help themselves. So, make an effort if you wanna have a better life.

Okay, so that was my thoughts of sharing things that we (i) have. Hope this post i shared with you could be useful. You know, the idea of making this blog is to share what i have in mind, to share what happened in my life, and especially ideas. Idea is powerful. Maybe not my idea, but who knows. so this blog is one of my form of sharing. Ehehehehehhe. I always hope hope hope, what i share in my blog (even the most unecessary post) could be useful to people. Amin.



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  1. nadiafriza says:

    If you have vendor, doesnt it mean you’re the client? And client is supposed to be the one who’re allowed to get angry, not the other way around. 😉

    True. I’d rather like to give money to street musicians cause they earn it, than to beggar.

  2. hahaha iya nih nadia, sebenernya vendor-vendor itu maki-maki gw because my company haven’t paid for their services like for some times. some kind of outstanding money gitu. hehehehe. jadilah, nasib rela dimarahin ditagih vendor T.T

  3. Alrischa Chara says:

    Carissa.. gw baru baca.. dan gw setuju sama apa yang lo bilang.. *proud of you car.. lo bisa nulis sedetail itu* btw maksih yaaa cookiesnya *maap udah lama baru bilang makasih lagii* be blessed!

  4. Hai Carrisa 😉

    Uhuk ehem……sorry kalo ga pake english yah commentnya, my english is not good as you hihi :p

    Baca tulisan ini jadi inget salah satu lagu di film Barbie, kurleb liriknya kaya gini

    Everybody is born to care, it’s something we were ment to share,not to keep to ourselves all alone
    If we make room for someone new, doesn’t mean that there’s less for you
    Only means that our circle has grown
    Love knows, love grows, bigger than before
    In your heart, there’s always more
    It’s magic, the more you give it away
    The more love, comes back to you, everyday
    You are my Tika and I am your Ro
    Always forever wherever we go
    So loves knows, love grows bigger than before
    In your heart, there’s always more
    Always more

    Memberi itu tidak berarti ‘mengurangi’ apa yang kita miliki, pasti ada balasan ‘baik’ berupa hal laennya utk kita 🙂

    1. tenang ajaa, bahasa tagalog gw juga bisa kok *loh hehehehe. siapa itu yang nyanyi? judulnya apa ya? mau langsung download nih kekekekeke

      1. Judulnya “Always More” ga tau siapa yg nyanyi 😆 itu OST. Barbie Island Pricess

  5. @chya hahahaha terima kasih chyaaa (_ _) *bow

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