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Hi all, sorry for abandoning this wordpress blog since oh-so-many-years. I feel so bad for being such a lazy-moody blogger. But i just bought a new smartphone (#Important News #TheWhole GalaxyShouldKnow ). So hopefully this so called smart phone can help me bloging anytime anywhere. Kekekekekke.

Anyway, one day my friend said something intriguing to me. She said that i could buy my own car if only i travel less. Her statement kinda makes me thinking.

Well, buying a car has never been in my to-do or to-buy or even my wish list. I can’t imagine myself driving a car just like i can’t imagine myself eating meat again. I actually have a driving license and only-God-knows how on earth i could have that driving license while my driving skill is one out of hundred. One of the reason why i dont wanna drive a car is because i was once rode an ATV during my holiday but then i lost control on that ATV that made me slid into a gap and hit a tree. I thought i was gonna die but thank God i was all fine and i swore i would never ever ride any kind of vehicle again. And plus Jakarta`s traffic jam is already like a living hell. Driving a car in Jakarta is not really a good choice. So many time, gasoline and money will be wasted. Plus i just let my future husband to buy a car for our future family. Huahahahahaha. I mean, one car for one little family is enough, dont you think? 🙂

So, an option to travel less is really not an option for me since I always get curious on how people in other country live, what the city looks like, the weather, the tourist attraction, the public transportation, the people, THE SHOPPING PLACE (that one i need to capslock it kekekekeke), and it brings some excitement for me. I`m not a hardcore backpacker actually, I consider myself as a Flashpacker, i still demand for a comfy place to stay though. But the way i think is just since i`m still in my young age and my body is still in good condition, i think i can handle the difficulties to carry a heavy backpack along the way, hop into a local bus, get lost in a new city, Walk for most of the time, waiting patiently (actually not) for the delayed flight, i mean as i get older i`m afraid that my body will get weaker and surely demand for more comfy trip. In Indonesian Language it would be “Mumpung badan masih bisa diajak susah”. So i just wanna use this healthy body and some of my money that i earn to explore at least small part of this BIG world, to have a new experience so i could tell my children what the world looks like, to learn new things so i could have an open-minded mind, to feed my curiosity, and to go away for a while so i could realize that no matter how ugly Jakarta is, it always be the place for me to come back.

Seriously, i mean sometimes we have to go far away just to realize that what`s called home is not a place but people.
And to be honest i sometimes get worry about what if i`m not able to travel again as i get married and be a housewife. I mean, as a woman, i do wanna get married but in the other side i`m afraid that i could not be able to travel again. But one day, my office colleague said “arent we supposed to marry a person who will support us in doing our positive hobby?”
Well, i look at her and her marriage life, she has one toddler and still able to manage traveling anywhere with budget airlines. She’s kinda a living proof that even if you already married you still able to do your positive hobby. 🙂

So, if I should travel less in order to buy a car, I definitely will say no. I mean nowadays, we can travel to some places in low-cost budget plus I’d rather save my money to buy a property or clothes or SHOES. Just something that will not be depreciated in the future.

So, since we just celebrated new year a week ago, here is one of my 2013 resolution >>> going to Cambodia and Phillipine. I dont know why but i have this big urge to see ‘Museum Genosida’ though people say that ‘Museum Genosida’ is so creepy but..i’m really curiouuus. And the place that i have been dreaming to go to are Seoul and Tokyo. Aaaah i wish i could have a chance to go to those place and feel the winter. Kekekekekeke.

So, that’s my thought about my interest in traveling. Well, whatever people’s dream or hobby in their life is, hopefully it’s something positive and could bring goodness for ourselves (hopefully for other people too).




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  1. nadiafriza says:

    Flashpacker? That you travel in a quick time then go back to home? Hahaha, nice word. 🙂

    Never wish to be a flashpacket though. Start travel on friday night, back home on sunday night is the quickest I can bear with. 🙂

    Good luck with the resolutions! 😉 Better find a guy who also loves to travel. I’ve found mine hehe.

    1. Thank youuuu.

      Aaaaaa u found a guy with same hobby as yours? How envious u am rite now. Maooooo jugaaaa

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