MADE in Indonesia Tour

Every Indonesian VIP’s must knew that on August 1, 2015, BigBang came to Indonesia, especially to Jakarta, well actually it wasn’t really in Jakarta because the concert itself was held at Tangerang. Just some kilometers away outside Jakarta and 2 thousand light years away from my house. (i know i’m exagerating but seriously, Indonesia Convention Exhibition BSD or ICE BSD was the furthest place i’ve ever been to. Sigh.) but, for BigBang, you know i’ll just do anything. LOL. Anyway, so on that day, Indonesian VIP’s including me were really anticipating for BigBang concert titled MADE in Jakarta (well, once again, shouldn’t it called MADE in Tangerang?).

After 3 years not making any comeback as a group, who didn’t miss them? The last time i went to see their live performance was on Singapore for YG Family Concert. And as expected they always deliver a really amazing live performance. But unfortunately, Seungri wasn’t present that day because he just got a minor accident on Seoul. But before that, i also went to BigBang Alive concert at MEIS Ancol on 2012. And i still remember how i still had my concert hungover for a month. Simply because they were just too awesome that i still feel the euphoria lingered in my head.

So, anyway, i’m gonna write about the MADE in Jakarta concert this time. I got myself a ticket for Blue section. At first i was afraid because i got no friends to go there, but suddenly my high school friend decided to join the concert crowd too. Since my house was located on East Jakarta, so it wasnt really easy to go to the venue concert which happened to locate across my district. And to make it worse, there is no public transportation around the venue. After spent some time to googling and asking my friends who lives nearby venue, i decided to take the Commuter Line from Tebet Station and transferred at Tanah Abang Station and go to platform 6 to take Commuter Line to Serpong and I got off at Rawa Buntu Station and met my high school friend there. At Rawa Buntu Station, we rode Ojek there to ICE for 25.000 IDR each. Since it was already afternoon, riding Ojek gave us an advantage. The traffic around ICE was kinda packed so we could get there in a short time.

When we arrived at the venue, i didnt see any kind of BigBang concert banner (or was it just me and my poor sight?) so i had to ask the venue security on which hall i should enter because there were some events beside BigBang concert there. After walked from hall 6 to hall 10, i went inside to exchange my ticket booking confirmation to the real ticket. Then i went inside the venue and queue on Blue section line. I queue alone since my friend had to buy ticket first (and she happened to buy the Pink section ticket so we technically separated for the whole concert). There was no banner for any line, so i had to ask people in every line to make sure i queued on the right line. After waiting for 20 minutes, the Blue line were guided to walk to another place and had to make another line to go to venue. There were already many people (mostly girls) queueing in line. The minutes before 6 o’clock, i heard a rough sound from the Orange section line. I didnt know what happened but seems like some people screaming and some boo-ing to the event crew.

At 6.15, i finally got myself to the concert venue. I was given a Blue coloured wristband that i had to wear while the concert last. The wristband was so sticky that i had to ask for the crew to put it on my wrist. On the concert venue, i was a bit surprised because the stage was kinda far from my section. I knew that i didnt get the closest section to stage but judging from the price i paid and the map it shouldn’t be too far away. And to make it worse, the stage wasnt shaped in a T letter, so it was just a plain straight stage. It such a big disadvantage for me *hiks* how am i supposed to see G Dragon from this far away section?

After 10 minutes waiting, i still had not seen any sign the concert will be started though it was written that the concert will be started at 6.30. The venue still half empty. There were Purple, Gray, Red, Yellow and Orange section that hadn’t been filled. And i thought to myself that this was really a disaster. I kinda dislike a late concert and thinking how on earth the organizer event manage this. When i was watching BigBang Alive concert, it was also a mess. I got in venue 10 minutes before concert started. And not to mention that i almost got no seat at that time. But at least, the concert was started on time. It was 25 minutes later that finally the light was off and the VCR was seen on TV signing that the concert will start. But when i turn my head around, the Gray section (which was the last section to get in venue) was still in process on being filled. How come they let some people in just when the concert started. That was a pretty crucial mistake for me. Though it didnt happen to my section, but if i was at that section i’d totally get upset to the crew for making me missing the concert opening.

But despite of the concert that started 30 minutes late, i was so happy that i could see my favorite male group performed in front of me. As expected BigBang delivered a lively performance. They were more chatty and funnier than they were at the concert three years ago. This is why i love BigBang, they might look scary on the MV but they were really funny, humble and chatty on concert. They spoke english really well, at least the audience understood what they were saying. They were really interactive with the crowd especially Taeyang. Who doesnt fall in love with that moon like eye smile? And as usual BigBang brought their band along with them. The live band performance made everyone cheering and jump as well. On every YG artist concert, i always confused whether it’s a KPop concert or a party? Because you can’t help but jumping along with the music. and when Daesung solo performance came up, he sang one of my favourite song which is Wings. He didnt fly up in the sky wearing a string like the last concert, but he just stand on the stage though he didnt lose his charm while singing it. It still made me want to jump since the song was kinda upbeat song, but then i look around and the other people were just shaking their lightstick so i just moving my body along with the music and not jumping around. Aaaaack this is the disadvantages of watching concert alone, i felt bit embarassed if i had to jump and dance alone. Hiks. Anyway, in the middle of the concert, GD and Taeyang had to warn the crowd not to push each other because they could see from stage, the crowd on VIP and Pink section were pushing around and i heard that some audience were faint at that time. Thankfully my section was all calm though i felt like smack and scold some people who brought selca-stick and record the concert. Aaah, they might some fanbase admin, but still how am i gonna enjoy the concert if their camera blocked my view? Geeez.

After 2 hours, the concert finally came to an end. They sang Bang Bang Bang once more and it was really amazing. You can see one of the example of how amazing they were on Bang Bang Bang stage in this below youtube video.

I can’t believe the concert was ended. It last shorter than i expected. I thought the concert would be for 2,5 hours hehehehehehe. After i got out from venue, i waited for my friend at hall 10. Unfortunately it was raining hard, so i had to wait inside. I finally met with my friends and we got confused on how we could go home. Since it’s already late at night like 11 p.m and no taxi around, no Ojek, no any kind of public transportation appeared. It was a pity for a venue as big as ICE to not have a good access. We finally had to wait for my friends’ friend to pick us up and then i took taxi from Kebon Jeruk. It still far away from my house, but at least it’s already on Jakarta region. I heard that people need to walk to Giant at BSD to get a taxi and it is far from ICE. As a person who loves going to concert, i really wish that Jakarta has a proper venue for concert and hopefully it’s located at downtown area. And if it’s not, please make a good access like train station or bus or whatever, because it’s really difficult to go to ICE BSD. I just feel pitiful towards foreigner audience who happened to watch concert here. It must be difficult from them to get in or get out there. Because when i watched YG Fam at Singapore, it was really easy for me to get there and though it ended late night, the subway near venue still operate, so i had no worries to go back on late night.

And for the organizer crew, i hope they learn from their mistake which was really crucial i think. And for BigBang, they were really the best. There will be no regrets watching YG Artist concert. Kekekekekekekeke. Hope YG Fam concert will be held in Jakarta. 🙂

VIP Ocean
VIP Ocean

Taeyang on Screen

See you. 🙂

Anyway, a little update, here’s video Report Tour Manila and Jakarta. Can’t believe Indonesian VIP’s had so much energy in them. ^^

See you again VIP’s 🙂


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