Infinite Effect Concert Indonesia

Last Sunday i went to Infinite Effect concert Indonesia. Actually, i’m kinda new to this fandom so i was really excited to see how hype their concert would be. Kim Sunggyu who is Infinite leader was my first reason why i decided to pay attention to this group. He has good variety skill and cute (of course) and funny. I started to like him when i saw him on Running Man and he had this cute love line with Eunji APink. After that i watched his MV with his group, Infinite and ended up liking the group. My bias is actually the leader himself, Kim Sunggyu, but i gotta admit that it’s so hard to decide who your bias is in Infinite. Simply, because they are really funny and attractive in their own style. For example, i also like Woohyun who is the main vocal. He seems so humble and cheerful. He also has endless aegyo (cute expression) for the fans. Not only Woohyun, i also got my eyes on Hoya. He dances really well, it seems like he is the Taeyang on Infinite. I don’t mean to compare two of my favorite idol but seriously Hoys’s move is the closest thing i got to Taeyang and that’s mean good, right? and not to forget his bitchy expression every time he heard something not making any sense to him. and as for voice, surprisingly, i like Seong Jong’s voice the most. He might be not the main vocal but he has such a soft voice that give a sooth color in the song.

Anyway, back to Infinite Effect topic, it’s such a coincidence that the time i started to like them, they held their 2nd world tour, and guess what, Indonesia was on the list. and another thing that made me happier, was the venue location. It was located at Tennis Indoor Senayan which was close to my area. I mean, i dont have to time-traveled just like when i watched BigBang concert TT.TT Despite of the nearby venue, i was kinda worry with the promotor. The promotor was the same as BigBang’s promotor. You know, BigBang’s concert event was kinda such a mess. Not the BigBang itself, but the way the event went, well for me the promotor didn’t give a good impression on handling the event. So looking at BigBang concert, i was kinda disappointed knowing the promotor who brought Infinite was the same promotor. I just hoped that this event wouldn’t be ruined again. So, after the price list was announced, as usual, a fan-girl problem is to decide which section we should take. After all consideration and thinking and seeing my saving, i decided to buy the VIP one. You know, i was that excited to see Kim Sunggyu in real life and not from a laptop screen with 1020p 😦


After waiting patiently for Nov 15th to come, i finally could see them alive in front of my eyes and another thing, the VIP ticket holder got an advantage to see them did soundcheck. *screaming internally* I was in a rush because i was late for the soundcheck, as announced, the soundcheck would be start at 11.30 and i arrived at Venue at 11.55, i thought Soundcheck would last for an hour, but i was wrong. After went through a really tight security check in the gate, the security took some quite long time checking my bag which was full with my make up and he successfully made my bag into a mess, i registered at the registration table to get my soundcheck pass and ran to the venue. THANK GOD the soundcheck started at 12.00 sharp and it was lasted just for 15 minutes. Omygod, i couldnt imagine what i would be if the soundcheck started at 11.30, gotta regret that for the rest of my life i guess. I’ve never been to a soundcheck before, so seeing my favorite artist in front of me (and it was so close, from the VIP section to the stage, omygod) and they started sang, i felt like they just sang for me hahahahahaha. Unfortunately, we werent allowed to take picture while they did soundcheck. such a pity but it was good though. Sunggyu was exactly just the same as i saw him on Youtube. He didn’t talk and interacted much with the fans but he still looked cute though. Hoya was.. what should i say? sexiness overload. He wore black sunglass and sleeveless shirt and it was enough to make girls’ jaw dropped. L or Kim Myungsoo was the person who made girls scream even though he just stood there and breathe. He was indeed cute and handsome but he wasn’t really my favorite so i didn’t pay much attention for him *sorry. SeongJong was the real cute thing i think. He interacted with fans and often threw a heart sign and smiley much along with aegyo king Woohyun. I couldn’t remember what song they sang on soundcheck but 15 minutes really felt like just a second passed by. It was just too short. After soundcheck finished, we were told to go back outside venue and started to make a line for the concert at 15.00. Since i was too lazy to lining up under the sun, i decided to go to nearest mall and waiting there until 15.00.

Fifteen minutes before the concert started, i left Plaza Senayan and walked to Tenis Indoor Senayan (if you dont know where Tenis Indoor Senayan is, it is located at Gelora Bung Karno area. The closest way to get there is from Jl.Asia Afrika, its gate is right beside Fairmont Hotel, but if you take public transportation such as TranJakarta, you can get off at Halte Gelora Bung Karno and take walk through main gate of Gelora Bung Karno which is located beside F(x) mall and just walk straight to Jl.Asia Afrika, passing by the Al Bina Mosque and at the end of the street you’ll see Gate to Tenis Indoor and Outdoor at the right side of the street). I arrived at venue at 15.00 and again i had to pass the screening gate and again the security took the longest time on checking (or i should say messing) my bag. He even asked about my SK II cleansing oil which i just bought and he thought it was a perfume. I was like “it’s my cleansing oil. why? do you want some?” and he just nodded and of course i wont give him some of my freaking-expensive-and-makes-me-broke-a-f cleansing oil. I finally got inside the venue and the crowd already inside but fortunately the concert had not started yet. After waited for like a minute, the concert started. The opening song was Before The Dawn and the crowd started cheering and they did the fan chant, the fan chant was so loud it made me amazed. I gotta say that Infinite performance in this concert was amazing. I didnt expect the performance would be that great. The laser light and the stage was amazing too. They even tried so hard to speak in Bahasa. Though there was a translator who translating their sentence for the talk-time but they mostly spoke in Bahasa especially Hoya. He should’ve been given the credit for speaking Bahasa mostly. He and Dongwoo danced really well, i did enjoy their performance on Infinite H, Dongwoo was such a cheery guy who laugh to a simplest thing and Hoya just being a Hobitch as usual (you know, sexiness overload) and made my eyes stuck to him for the Infinite H entire performance. Sungyeol really is handsome in real life. Camera doesn’t do justice on him all the time because he looks sooo much better in real life. He has nice figures which is tall and slender and cheery but could be cold guy too. SeongJong was the member who interacted the most with crowd that day.The Maknae (youngest member) gave his smile all the time and he did look like a manequin and he was so pretty. Seriously. He did look like a girl. And for my bias, Kim Sunggyu, he didn’t talk that much, mostly just stood at the stage and smiling and waving his hand to the crowd that successfully made the crowd screamed. At that time i didnt focus my eyes only on Sunggyu though he is my favorite member, because i surely got attracted by Sungyeol who i thought was really attractive while the concert last.

The concert lasted for 2,5 hours. It was kinda long though since my ultimate bias group 2NE1 concert only lasted less than 2 hours *sobs* Infinite Effect Concert was one of my favorite concert. They delivered a good performance and good interaction with fans. They also brought the band so they didn’t sing on playback but with special arrangement on their song that made the concert felt more hyped up and alive. The stage even though it was small but the laser light and the pop up confetti at the end of the concert completed a perfect ending for that afternoon. the confetti on Together song also made the atmosphere became magical and mellowish at the same time since it was their last song for that day. Aaaah, i really didnt want the concert to end. Actually i like the venue a lot, since it wasn’t really big, the concert felt more intimate and humble and friendly. You know, the feeling when you feel like you can be close to your artist. And for the promotor, Mecimapro, yeah right, they did really really well this time. The security system was no joke. That was the strictest screening i’ve ever been to. They also directly warned people who brought a pro camera and ask them to delete those picture (just as i heard) and also the selfie stick strictly isnt allowed to the venue. Thank God, because selfie stick is really annoying like it easily blocked the view. Oh, and one thing, the Inspirit project which was holding banner written “Forever we’re in the same place” in Hangul while Together was sang, was a success. I even get touched by the project, and hopefully Infinite could feel our sincerity and happiness to finally be able to see them perform live.


It’s been a week passed but i still can’t move on from the concert. Hopefully they’ll last long and able to throw another concert here in Indonesia.

For a short video i recorded with my cellphone in not really good megapixel quality, kindly see my instagram post on here and here for Paradise and here for the confetti ending.




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