Day When I Spent Saturday at Tangerang


Last weekend, me and my friends went to Alam Sutera, Tangerang to eat at Sai Ramen. It is a kinda newly opened ramen bar which was being the talk of the town these days. Sai Ramen located at Synergy Building, Alam Sutera. The stall isn’t really big, there were only few chairs so at that time we had to wait for thirty minutes to finally eat. First, we had to put our order in the cashier and wait until the staff called our name. After being called, we could sit in the vacant chair and the staffs would prepared our order.

The Queue

My Miso Chasu Ramen

The broth was quite thick and it was quite bland for my taste but no worries because they provided sesame oil, soy sauce, pepper and chili powder so I could mix all until the broth expected my taste.

We couldn’t stay long at Sai Ramen stall because there were many customers waiting for vacant seat so as soon as we finished our meal, we left and went to a coffee shop.

After searching for a good coffee shop, we finally visited Home Brew Coffee and Eatery at Alam Sutera.

My Cafe Latte

Mango Colada

Butterscotch Cake

My Espresso Brownies

There were this kind of decoration where would look pretty for photo backdrop.

After having a glass of coffee at Home Brew, I parted ways with my friends to go home. On my way home, I took KRL Tangerang – Duri Line from Rawa Buaya station.

My train car was empty that day. Only few passengers at my car.

I transferred at Duri Station and took Duri – Bogor line and finally get off at Tebet station before taking Ojek to my house.

After two weeks craving for ramen, I finally got to eat one though I had to go through quite long journey from Jakarta Timur to Alam Sutera and thankfully the train wasn’t crowded that day.

Even though the ramen wasn’t really meet my expectation but I had good time taking the train and having an exciting Saturday.

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