Travel Photo Diary : Semarang Day 1.


I haven’t gotten the chance to go travel anywhere throughout this year due to the pandemic. And couple months ago, I got really stressed out because I couldn’t go travelling. I even played nature sound on loop from my Spotify just so I could feel like I was going to a mountain or a beach or a forest, you name it, but I really yearned for travelling.

After a long contemplation and consideration whether it is safe to go outside city (also looking at my saving), I finally decided to join my friend, doing road trip to Semarang and Yogyakarta. I went to Semarang for two days and one night while I stayed in Yogyakarta for three days and two nights.

That was actually my second time going to Semarang but I was still excited to be back in the city again. I guess I could say Semarang is my third favorite city after Bandung.

Our road trip to Semarang.
Such a sunny and bright day!
Trans Jawa Highway.
Finally, Semarang.

Our first stop at Semarang was Nasi Pindang Kudus & Sotosapi Gajah Mada. The place was not that big and thankfully we arrived for a very late breakfast so the restaurant wasn’t really crowded. I liked the taste of Nasi Pindang Kudus. It was tasty, no wonder this place is kinda famous but unfortunately it came in really small portion so even though it was a rice dish but it felt like snacks for me hehehehe.

After having late breakfast, we went to Kofitiere to have brunch while waiting for the check-in time in our hotel at 2 p.m. That was my second time coming to Kofitiere. The reason why I strongly recommended this coffee shop to my friends is simply just because I like the place and the interior. Kofitiere is mostly painted in clean white, quiet and also spacious with minimalist interior design so it makes a comfortable, clean and homey vibe. They also has smoking area on their backyard so I don’t have to worry if I might get irritated by cigarette smoke.

Kofitiere’s front yard

My usual order of cafe latte

Yellow fried rice for lunch

Their menu is written on their wall.

On afternoon, we went to Lawang Sewu. Since it was my second time to Lawang Sewu and the place itself is quite packed at that time, I just sat in its yard’s bench waiting for my friends to finish their self-tour around Lawang Sewu.

Lawang Sewu

The sun almost set.

We only spent around an hour in Lawang Sewu and before having dinner, we went to Kota Lama, a famous landmark in Semarang for the mixing of Indonesian and Dutch building style. The parking area was bit far from the Kota Lama area, so we had to take a walk to reach the area. But no worries because they had proper sidewalk so it was safe and comfortable to walk and stroll around Kota Lama. I could say that Kota Lama is quite similar to Kota Tua in Jakarta or Jl. Braga in Bandung.

It was full moon!

The afternoon vibe was pretty that time. It was full moon and the sky was bright. Cars and motorcycle are still able to pass by the street so it is advisable for visitor who goes with their kids to be extra careful.

Street vendors selling these pretty balloons.

This is the kind of nightlife that I like. Strolling around the city, watching people pass by or just hang out in the street with their friends, and buying things or food from street vendors.

‘Meet me at Kota Lama’. That’s what the neon sign said.
Many cute coffee shop here!
Traditional snack street vendors.

It was getting late and rain started to fall, we decided to leave Kota Lama and had dinner at Koenokoeni Cafe. They have this traditional classic design interior and a quite wide range of dish and beverages. And don’t forget they also sells ice cream (and I found Tolak Angin flavor in their ice cream range! Too bad I didn’t try to taste it because I was already full). I order Tahu Gimbal as my dish (an authentic food from Semarang which consisted of fried tofu, rice cake, bean sprouts, egg, Gimbal which means fried shrimps in flour, and coconut sauce) and Hot Lime to accompany me in this rainy night. As for my dish, the taste wasn’t really meet my expectation. I don’t know, maybe because they served my Tahu Gimbal when it was already gone cold so it was quite bland. But the price isn’t really eye-shocking ( I could say it’s still affordable) and the place is nice and clean.

Tahu Gimbal at KuenoKoeni

After finishing our dinner, we went to Hotel Chanti where we would stay for a night. Semarang was drizzling that night, a perfect and beautiful way to complete my day in this favorite city of mine.

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