Travel Photo Diary : Yogyakarta Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.


So, on our second day we left Semarang to Yogyakarta. It was about three hours trip until we reached Yogyakarta in afternoon. We haven’t eaten lunch so we went to Kalluna Restaurant to have our super late lunch and early dinner. There were quite many people outside the restaurant where they took turn taking photo in front of Kalluna’s signature door. Thank God, we still got a seat inside so without waiting any longer, we quickly ordered our food.

Since it was the end of October, the restaurant was decorated with haloween theme. Kalluna has quite a big space with clean and sweet interior. A mix of minimalist and tropical design makes the overall place feels comfortable. Very suitable for a place to hang out and chill with friends. And for additional notes, they dish and beverages are varied, tasty and affordable.

Kalluna’s entrance with haloween decoration.
We got our seat at their front room.

After spending an hour in Kalluna, we check in to our hotel at Innside Yogyakarta. The hotel itself was clean with modern interior style. But unfortunately, it was very crowded with people when we did late check in so we had to wait in line for more than thirty minutes to finally get our room. The room was lovely but I think Innside need to add their staffs (I don’t know because it seemed like the staffs were overwhelmed by number of visitors at that time, despite their nice hospitality) so they could provide quicker and efficient service.

We didn’t go anywhere that night and just ordered our late dinner by Go-Food. The next day, we moved to Novotel Yogyakarta and went to Tempo Gelato, the one in Tamansiswa, and geez, it was super crowded. This time I tried combination of Mint (this flavor is obligatory for me) and two others flavor that I unfortunately forgot, I guess it was oreo and caramel almond flavor. I just like something sweet and didn’t want to take a risk by trying fruity flavor, which Tempo Gelato has. They surely have wide range of flavor which is super tempting but I just play it safe hehehe.

As we were eating our gelato, heavy rain started to pour. And since the place was crowded, we decided to leave as soon as we finished eat though it rained outside. Our next destination was Sate Klathak Pak Pong. My friend love this satay made from goat meat sooo much. And what makes this satay unique is they used bicycle spokes as the satay skewers and burned on charcoal stove. But, we had to wait for literally two hours after we placed our order. I don’t know what took them so long to finally serve the dish, but the first time I went to Sate Klathak Pak Pong, I also had to wait for two hours. So, for anyone who really wanted to eat here, it is advisable to bring your own snacks and board game to kill the time.

I actually don’t eat red meat and I haven’t eaten any of it for ten years, but since Sate Klathak Pak Pong only served goat meat as their base dish, also I already waited for two hours, I finally broke my rule and ate one skewer of satay. I gotta admit that the satay was delicious though. No wonder the place is always crowded with people.

At night, we just stayed at our room and since we had early dinner at Sate Klathak Pak Pong, we didn’t feel really hungry for the rest of the night. We gather at my room, ordered toast bread by Go-Food and played Uno Card to end our last night in Yogya.

Finally, we reached Saturday which was our last day of this trip. For the last day, we went to Hamzah Batik Malioboro to buy batik clothes as our souvenirs (actually we bought the clothes at the clothes street stall in front of Hamzah Batik Malioboro because inside the store of Hamzah Batik was super crammed with many people). After finishing our mission buying souvenirs, we went to Gudeg Yu Djum for our late lunch before we left the city. And just like the day before, the weather was really cloudy before heavy rain poured.

Look at the gloomy sky.
Gudeg Yu Djum as my late lunch.
Sunset on Trans Jawa Highway.

It took us eleven hours to finally reach my friend’s house. I stayed the night before going home in the morning since I was exhausted and I needed to sleep in bed for some hours.

That was all my travel photo diary for me and my friends trip on Semarang and Yogyakarta. It was nice and fun and a bit of stress reliever amid this difficult situation that 2020 brought to us. See you on another travel photo diary and stay safe!

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