Day When I Found Much Greenery in Jakarta

Last Saturday, I went to Blok M Plaza to meet my friends and ate Sushi for lunch at Salad & Sushi 368. They served fusion sushi and salad in a very affordable price. I was kinda happy to eat there, despite of the affordable price, the sushi were also taste good.

Food stall at Blok M Plaza

After had lunch, we decided to go to Hutan Kota Gelora Bung Karno. Thanks to the existence of MRT, it was so easy to go to GBK from Blok M Plaza. We just took the MRT to Bundaran HI and got off at Istora Senayan Station. Too bad, Hutan Kota GBK operational time is started at 15.00 – 18.00 on weekend while we arrive there around 14.30.

Since, the weather was burning that day, we decided to go to the main stadium and intended to have coffee at Indomaret. On our way to the main stadium, we took a rest and sat at a little bench in front of main stadium gate while drinking water. After chit chatting for hours, GBK started to get crowded by people who want to jog, ride a bike and doing other exercise around the main stadium.

Jakarta’s sky that day

Also, we went to the park beside main stadium GBK. It looks like mini forest though and not many people around.

There is also a jogging track.

The golden hour made every picture looks pretty.

It was almost sunset before we decided to go to FX Mall (located right beside GBK) to have an early dinner. I’m so glad that GBK now is very pretty and pedestrian friendly. This place is such a breath of fresh air for providing a big area mostly filled with trees and grass. Also a popular spot for people who are going to exercise or just strolling around hiding from a busy and noisy usual Jakarta. I wish Jakarta could have more open area which are comfortable and safe for people to hang out.

That was all a glimpse of how I spent my Saturday. I totally recommend going to GBK for hanging out without having to splurge money or just taking pretty picture for Instagram.

See you!

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