Days When I Went Outside My House

Finally, after around three months of PPKM, I could finally go outside (after being fully vaccinated and using double mask). I’m not planning on writing anything, I just want to post some pictures I took.

This is not New York, but this is also a concrete jungle where dreams are made of.
It was Jakarta’s after office hour time
Ten years ago, I could never imagine walking to MRT Station in Jakarta. And nope, this wasn’t Singapore.
Saturday nite with friends
Always goes with Latte
My love and hate relationship with this metropolitan city is still going on.
Baby pink and baby blue building in the middle of the hectic Jakarta. Why not?
Welcome to Jakarta Timur, the not fancy district of Jakarta (feat. my ride to home).

So, that was all the pictures I took while I was out of my house. It kind of makes me happy to be able to take pictures again.

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