On Writing


It’s been quite long time since the last time I wrote something so this time it feels kind of awkward for me to start writing for a blog again. Anyway, I’ve been posting my fiction story on Wattpad since two years ago. I actually like writing fiction since junior high school but I never took that hobby seriously, let alone posted it publicly for the world to read. One day, I decided to upload it on Wattpad because I wanted to have a proper interaction and feedback from the readers.

Currently, I have three story that I publish publicly in Wattpad. One of them is already completed and the rest are still on-going. I actually doesn’t have any target in term of amount of reader or votes or comments, but whenever I receive any feedback from readers (be it votes or comments) I am happy, delighted, and grateful. It just feels like my efforts on making those stories are paid off. All the lack of sleep because I’m thinking for the plot, all the tears when I write sad scene, all the anxiety and fear before I upload it on the Wattpad. Everything, any feedback, makes me feel like there is a meaning in what I do. It’s just.. knowing that my stories could entertain someone and worth someone’s time, it’s very heartwarming to me.

I still feel very anxious and nervous whenever I publish a new chapter or whenever I received any notification that a reader drop some comments on my stories. At first, I just write whatever I want to write but now, when my audience is getting bigger, I feel the pressure on delivering a good execution for my story, which equal to putting bigger and more efforts for my stories.

Sometimes, it sucks to be under pressure situation. There are times when I am too lazy to write, or just too busy to think about the story, or having a writer’s block, or simply just doesn’t feel like writing anymore, but at the end, I always have the will to open my laptop and start writing. And when I think about it, maybe it’s because writing fiction has always been a thing that I love to do and thing that I’m passionate about. Thus, it’s easier to overcome the negative situation or obstacles.

So, that’s all my two years Journey on Wattpad as the writer. I’m not a writer with huge audience or a story which being read million times by people. I’m still this small writer who is nervous to death when I publish the new chapter and even delaying publishing new chapter due to my lack of confidence. But just like what Richard Bach said that ‘A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.’, so I guess, quitting writing is not an option for me right now.

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